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Meet 'The Mind-Brain Lady' & 'The Mindful Man'

"Tammy and Todd were highly professional... The sessions were highly engaging and presented in a way that encouraged all the students to be actively involved.
The information presented complimented our focus on encouraging students to have a 

growth mindset approach to their learning.
A fantastic program that taught the students about the power of their brain."

Natalie Dennis

Principal - Cervantes Primary School

The Mind-Brain Lady & The Mindful Man

Our ultimate goal is to be happy and
make a pOSITIVE difference!

We both share a strong passion and urge to help others realise and reach
their incredible true potential.

Through our own experiences, studies and self directed learning over many years, we can see that people (especially the younger generation) lack the knowledge to realise they can achieve anything, while also lacking the tools to know how they can make this happen!


We truly 'practice what we teach'  by living a fit, healthy, happy, HOLISTIC, mindful life
where we are constantly expanding our knowledge and challenging ourselves.

Tammy-Anne & Todd's optimism, drive and youthful enthusiasm will motivate us all to realise our potential, re-assess our goals 
and indeed re-think the very way we view our lives.

Determined to defy the odds, Tammy-Anne made a mockery of the statistics, and the nay-sayers, and picked her own path in life.  Be inspired by a young lady who should have failed school and be unemployed, but who is a high-achieving, multi-award winning, Educational Neuroscience specialist teacher, consultant & presenter, a social entrepreneur & a business owner, who retired from full-time work by the age of 28 to pursue her dreams of making a positive difference in the world, and helping young people realise & reach their incredible true potential.

Todd spent 12 years as a sound engineer, working in the Media & Education industries, including as Director of Audio for Channel 7 in WA. He is now putting his 10+ years of self-directed study in the fields of Meditation & Mindfulness, Nutrition and Movement into practice, combining this with his knowledge of Music & Sound, to help the next generation meet their true potential.

So who is Tammy-Anne
'The Mind-Brain Lady'?

Tammy-Anne is an international motivational presenter and a qualified, experienced Educational Neuroscience specialist teacher & consultant. She is an accredited Social-Emotional Learning trainer,  and in 2020  was a semi-finalist in the Western Australian Regional Achievement / Curtin Teaching Excellence Awards. Tammy-Anne has 9 years of mixed-grade classroom teaching experience across Australia, primary & secondary. 

She was awarded Year 12 DUX in 2005 with
an ATAR of 97.70 and have since completed two university degrees with Distinction average grades, and has gone on to have an incredibly wide variety of jobs and life experiences.  She has since taught and presented at schools,  conferences, homes, events & forums across Australia & NZ.  

Tammy-Anne's goal is to help students realise & reach their incredible true potential, and make teaching & learning engaging, enjoyable, easier, empowering & as effective as possible. She aims to educate, entertain & inspire young people in particular, to meet their true potential, achieve their dreams, think outside the box, expand human knowledge and make a positive difference in the world. Tammy-Anne is passionate about teaching young people and being a part of creating a better world and better society for the next generation, while playing a role in transforming the education system.

Tammy-Anne The Mind-Brain Lady
Todd The Mindful Man

So who is Todd
'The Mindful Man'?

After completing a Diploma of Sound Engineering in 2008, Todd was offered a role at a Senior College, teaching students about music and recording and producing their original performances.
Alongside this role he was also offered a position as a Media Educator at the Post Secondary College where he studied, running their studio facilities and teaching students aged 15 to 60.  He loved teaching and enjoyed the combination of theory and hands on practical, creative classes. 

After 5 years in that role Todd decided to branch out and spent the next 8 years working in the Media Industry, in a variety of sound and video engineering roles, such as Radio Broadcast Engineer for Southern Cross Austereo and Audio Director of Channel 7 Perth. In these roles, he became very experienced at using multi-media platforms to share knowledge and information in an entertaining and informative manner; skills he now brings to Above & Beyond Education as an international motivational presenter. 

Despite enjoying his work in the Media Industry, Todd knew that his main goal in life was to help others and to make a difference.
As a result, he is now most grateful to be working in the education field once again, combining his love of music, mindfulness & sound, with public speaking and teaching, to motivate the next generation.

Why should this knowledge be kept secret?

"We have a fantastic education system, but there’s too many things we DON’T get taught at school that we need to know in order to live our best lives and be our best selves.

Tammy-Anne named her business, ‘Above & Beyond Education’ because she had experienced 12 years of being a school student, followed by 14 years in the ‘real world’, including 9 years as a teacher – so she felt she had a pretty good handle on how we can help give students at school the knowledge, skills and tools to go ‘above and beyond’ their everyday education, both in an academic and a well-being sense.

We can no longer believe our success & achievements & happiness– or lack of – are out of our hands due to circumstances
we can’t control – just because we weren’t born smart, we weren’t born with certain abilities, we didn’t have good parents,
we weren’t raised in the right social circle, we didn’t do well at school, we feel marginalised, we don’t have the right
background and so on.  

These are excuses – and when we understand our INCREDIBLE mind-brain potential – how it all works – we finally see

these are no longer excuses we can hide behind. 

We just need to learn the knowledge, skills and tools to take control of our own emotions and intelligence, to be happy, healthy and successful.

Psychologists know this stuff, neuroscientists know this stuff, quantum physicists know this stuff...
Why should they be the only ones? Why should this knowledge be kept secret?

Our goal is to take all the information and knowledge that neuroscientists, psychologists and quantum physicists have discovered – and share it with all young people alive today– so we can all benefit from it.

Anything is possible!  

Taking a Holistic Approach to Educational Neuroscience is a game-changing approach to education that we are very excited to be a part of.

Our goal is to have young people grow up with the knowledge of how their mind-brain works; what their true incredible potential is - and an understanding of simple, everyday ‘holistic’ strategies (in their thoughts, actions, diet, lifestyle, habits) that they can choose, to meet this incredible potential and enhance their cognitive abilities and positive mental state.

If young people have this ‘holistic’ knowledge, tools and skills they can be be more motivated, resilient and confident; have more self-belief and self-confidence; & be more successful in whichever area they choose - which will make for happier, more satisfied, healthier human beings, who know they can go on to create or discover amazing things, make a difference, and spread happiness throughout their life.

We want students to be happy & healthy; successful & satisfied.
And with a Brain-Based Holistic Approach to Wellbeing, Teachign & Learning we can make this happen & change the future.

That's the future we want to be part of creating! Do you?"

Tammy-Anne, 'The Mind-Brain Lady' & Todd 'The Mindful Man'

Brain science educator
Mind-Brain Teacher workshop
Keynote Speech

Tammy-Anne is also an accredited trainer with You Can Do It! Education and co-owner & founder of Above & Beyond Education.

Tammy-Anne offers school students, teachers & principals, youth groups,  and tertiary students, a variety of presentations & workshops to help people gain the skills, knowledge, mindset, motivation and *power* to go 'above and beyond' - in every way.

Her varied life story shows us all how the circumstances of our past need not determine our present or our future.
She was raised by a single mother, living below the poverty line for most of her childhood, in various rural locations, attending five different public schools and going through the family court process.

Now with two university degrees, her own business, a life-time of amazing experiences, and specialising in Educational Neuroscience and Social-Emotional Learning, Tammy-Anne is a positive, determined, inspirational speaker and successful educator, with a passion for making a difference in the lives of others.

Student tutoring

What Qualifications & Experience Does Tammy-Anne Have?

  • Semi-Finalist in the WA Regional Achievement & Community Awards / Curtin Teaching Excellence Award, 2020
  • Accredited Social & Emotional Learning Trainer with You Can Do It! Education, trained by educational psychology Professor Michael Bernard of Melbourne University 
  • Graduate Diploma of Education (High Distinction)
  • Certificate of Educational Neuroscience: Research-Led Teaching Approaches, Central Queensland University
  • Certificate of Cognitive Fitness, Harvard University
  •  Certificate of Neuro-Biology, with University of Chicago under Neurobiology Professor, Peggy Mason
  • 'The Science of Learning' Educational Neuroscience Certificate, with UK National STEM Learning Centre 
  • Attended Pearson Mind-Brain Education Conference & Positive Schools Conference
  • 9 years+ of ongoing self-directed professional development & research into Neuroscience and Mind-Brain Learning & Education Practices
  • Nominated for Positive Teacher of the Year Award
  • Classroom teacher, 2012 - 2019, specialising in Educational Neuroscience
  • Owner/Founder of Above & Beyond Education
  • Internationally Experienced Speaker - presented at multiple conferences, schools & forums across Australia & NZ
  • Multi-Award-Winning Public Speaker & Author
  • Bachelor of Arts –Distinction
  • Published Freelance Journalist
  • Year 12 DUX Award, ATAR 97.70

Where has Tammy-Anne presented?

  • Full-day Teacher PD for the WA State School Teachers’ Union, twice in 2020 and will again in 2021
  • Network Teach Inc. Full-day PDs at Murdoch University, Burns Beachs & Bunbury, 2021
  • Alice Springs, School of the Air, NT, 2019, 2020, 2021
  • Great Southern Grammar, WA, 2019, 2020, 2021
  • Kojonup DHS, WA, 2021
  • Dandaragan PS, WA, 2021
  • Kapinara PS, WA, 2020
  • It Takes a Spark Conference, All Saints College, 2020
  • Mount Barker Community College, WA, 2020
  • Denmark PS, WA, 2020
  • Albany Secondary Education Support Centre, WA, 2020
  • Karridale PS, WA, 2020
  • Watheroo PS, WA, 2020
  • OneSchool Global campuses, multiple occasions across 3 Australian states & NZ, 2014 - 2020
  • Lady of Sacred Heart School, NT, 2020
  • Bradshaw PS, NT, 2020
  • Ross Park PS, NT, 2020
  • Newdegate PS, WA, 2020
  • Te Pa Rakaihautu School, NZ, 2019
  • It Takes a Spark Conference, John Curtin College of the Arts, 2019
  • Kondinin Primary School, WA, 2019
  •  Coorow Primary School, WA, 2019
  •  Cervantes Primary School, WA, 2019
  •  Mount Lockyer Primary School, Albany, WA, 2018
  •  Perth Individual Montessori College, WA, 2018
  •  Araluen Christian College, Alice Springs, NT, 2019
  •  HEWA (Home Education WA) Home-School Expo, Perth, WA, 2018
  • Oakwood School - Launceston & Devenport Campuses, Tasmania
  •  You Can Do It! Education PD National Workshops, with Professor Michael Bernard –
    Perth College & Great Southern Grammar, Albany, WA
  •  You Can Do It! Education Annual National Conference, with Professor Michael Bernard
    – Melbourne, VIC
  •  Inaugural Positive Education Conference – Perth College, WA
  •  Great Southern Institute of Technology Annual Awards Nights, twice in Albany, WA
  •  Australian Women in Agriculture National Conference, Albany, WA
  •  Barnardos Mother of the Year Award Presentation, Kirribilli House with Tony Abbott,
    Sydney, NSW
  •  National Ag Youth Think Tank - Parliament House, Canberra, ACT
  •  Multiple Sclerosis Society of WA, Albany, WA
  •  ABC Radio Great Southern, multiple occasions, Albany, WA
  •  National ABC Heywire Forum – Australian Institute of Sport, Canberra, ACT
  •  Great Southern NRM / Youth in NRM Annual Photographic Awards Night – WA
    Museum, Albany, WA
  • YMCA Youth Parliament, Parliament House – Perth, WA
  •  Royal Western Australian Historical Society, Perth, WA
  •  National Schools Constitutional Convention, Parliament House, Canberra, ACT
  •  APEX Public Speaking National Grand Final, Tamworth, NSW
  •  Plain English Speaking Award Final, Perth, WA