FREE TEACHER PD to finish 2021
'A Brain-Based Holistic Approach to wellbeing, Teaching & Learning Success!


We are BEYOND EXCITED to offer 50 teachers & principals of WA the chance to attend our highly-recommended and internationally-presented FULL-DAY Teacher PD in Perth - for FREE!!!

Yes, you read that correctly. For FREE. How? Well, I have just been awarded one of only 28 grants world-wide from the International Brain Research Organization (IBRO), based in Paris, France - to further “educate the public about the wonders of the brain and the benefits of neuroscience research..."

I am the only Australian to be awarded this ‘most sought after grant’ this year and am using it to offer 50 teachers & principals our highly-recommended Teacher Professional Development full-day workshop in Perth, Western Australia, held at Murdoch University on Friday 10th December - for FREE!

EVENT DATE: December 10th, 2021
EVENT TIME: 9am to 4:30pm
EVENT LOCATION: Murdoch University, 90 South Street.
**PLEASE NOTE: BYO food, or select from a range of cafés on site. See this link for what is normally available: https://www.murdoch.edu.au/news/articles/what-s-there-to-eat-on-perth-campus

Tammy-Anne The Mind-Brain Lady
IBRO Grant

Presented by qualified Teacher, Educational Neuroscience Specialist, Social-Emotional Learning Consultant & Motivational Presenter, Tammy-Anne Caldwell – with Mindfulness Guru, Sound Engineer & Community Education Officer, Todd Budden. (Known in our student & parent workshops as ‘The Mind-Brain Lady’ and ‘The Mindful Man’.)

"I found it fascinating, stimulating and extremely informative…. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND to ANYONE INVOLVED in EDUCATION!” ~Teacher of 38 years.

‘The BRAIN is central to all LEARNING that we do – so if we’re in the business of LEARNING – doesn’t it make sense that we know how the BRAIN learns best?’ 

This “jam-packed”, “entertaining”, “game-changing” PD is arranged into 12 key topics, covering how to simultaneously improve staff and student well-being, plus teaching and learning practices and academic outcomes, showing clearly how these fields are inextricably linked.
We call it: The Daily Dozen for Well-Being, Teaching & Learning.

Teacher PD
Our HIGHLY INTERACTIVE, UNIQUE & PRACTICAL PD equips teachers with the fascinating knowledge of exactly how their students’ brains work, learn & grow best (including what chemicals, processes and brain-regions are essential for learning and memory), and how to make practical use of this knowledge in their pedagogy every lesson, every day, every year level.

The PD is all about giving you the tools & techniques to make teaching and learning more ENJOYABLE, EASIER, more ENGAGING, EMPOWERING and as EFFECTIVE as possible, for teachers and students at the same time, so teachers and students can realise & reach their incredible true potential – of being happy, healthy, successful & satisfied human beings who contribute something positively to the world around them.

We cover ways to make teaching memorable & meaningful; increase curiosity, critical thinking & creativity; boost attention & engagement; improve student voice & choice; and beat boredom & bad behaviour.

We also cover everything from how nutrition, sleep, movement, thoughts, social interactions and the learning environment affect students’ developing brains from an academic learning AND wellbeing perspective - to how to make practical use of this knowledge to help students learn as best as possible in the classroom. I provide countless real-life examples & stories of how I have been putting the very latest evidence & knowledge into practice in the classroom, with Primary and Secondary students, in many subjects, for the last 10 years. We present it using teaching & learning strategies that teachers can immediately implement in the own classrooms, in any subject and any year level.

Teacher Professional Development Training

Our PD is entirely evidence-based, sharing an exciting approach at the very forefront of the future in education globally, as recommended by world-leading educators, neuroscientists and institutions, such as the OECD.

Elite athletes, sports players, neuroscientists & military special ops soldiers use the knowledge, tools & techniques that we teach in our workshops EVERY DAY to achieve their fullest potential & perform at their peak - mentally & physically. Do we want our young people to achieve to their fullest potential & perform at their peak?? Well, yes, of course we do! And that's why I think today's children & teens – and their teachers & parents - DESERVE this knowledge - and ways to make practical use of it. That's why I LOVE presenting these workshops!

This PD has been presented countless times, to 100s & 100s of teachers across Australia & New Zealand.

We work with Curtin University, SSTUWA, Network Teach Inc, the WA Government and countless schools.


"This was the best PD I have been to." (We get this feedback a lot )

“This was extremely engaging… an outstanding PD where Tammy & Todd embedded the learning through activities I can now take into my classroom and do with my students.”

"It was enjoyable, interesting and rich with information."

"[The most valuable part was] the practical examples provided – I can use them straight away."

"I found it fascinating, stimulating and extremely informative…. I would highly recommend to anyone involved in education.”

“11/10 Amazing!”

"I was truly engaged for the entire PD“

“Connections between theory and classroom applications made in a way that was motivating and engaging…. Great practical ideas."

"This isn’t one of those PD’s we’re doing because we ‘need’ to be here; we ‘want’ to be here, it’s fantastic!”

"5 out of 5. The way the content was presented, the enthusiasm, activities, the whole day was very inspiring and I am excited to apply it in my role. Thank you!"

"Thank you for explaining the connections between the brain and education in a way that was easy to understand!"

"I did not want to leave the room in case I missed out on the info!"

"…amazing!! So knowledgeable, passionate, and energetic. Thank you!"

"I had so many 'ah hah' moments."

"Thank you for an informative and insightful session. Great energy and passion! Just brilliant."

The Mind-Brain Lady & The Mindful Man


Exactly how your students’ brains work, learn & grow best!

Ways to make your teaching memorable & meaningful; increase curiosity, critical thinking & creativity; boost attention & engagement; improve student voice & choice; and beat boredom & bad behaviour.

How to manage your own stress & improve your holistic health & well-being - in & out of school.

What to do and say, to make teaching and learning as ENJOYABLE, EASY, ENGAGING, EMPOWERING and EFFECTIVE as possible, for teachers AND students at the same time.

Ways to raise teacher & student well-being & learning outcomes simultaneously.

The inherent link between learning & well-being from an Educational Neuroscience & Psychology perspective.

How to motivate, excite and engage your students in the learning process – in every lesson.

How to minimise student stress & disruptive behaviour and maximise student well-being & academic achievement.

How to enjoy your role as a teacher by easily linking educational neuroscience theory, with classroom pedagogical practice, as a natural part of your teaching, everyday.

"Thank you for such an enlightening PD. I cannot wait to use the knowledge in the classroom!"