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A Brain-Based Well-Being Course for Kids Aged 5-10: to help them stay calm in the moment with Brain-Science.

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“…extremely important course that I think all kids and parents must do!” 

Fallon Osborne, mother of 4 kids under 12 says: "Kids need to learn way more of this!!! As a parent I thought the course was AMAZING! It was incredibly entertaining and full of interesting facts and ideas to try.

Ideas that were easy to implement and make sense! Tammy and Todd are truly wonderful for making this extremely important course that I think all kids and parents must do! My personal opinion is that emotional health is crucial especially in today’s world, and having an understanding of why these emotions may arise, where they come from and things to try to calm the body and mind are so important to learn!

The course has helped my girls, definitely my 6 year old. When she was younger she would go from calm to exploding quite quickly and it may last for 15min to 50min before letting me in. It frustrated me and saddened me it lasted this long and it confused me how she could hit such different extremes!  She used to say "Something is wrong with my brain" or "My brain told me to do it." This was when I knew she was having trouble with recognising and dealing with her emotions. 

By doing the course with my girls and supporting them, it was far easier to implement the ideas and opened up great discussions. The bubble was a fantastic idea to learn for self esteem if someone has hurt her feelings! Both girls drew their protective bubble and went into length to describe it, it was beautiful. It’s helping heaps in the tougher moments, just by us having a greater, deeper understanding. It allows us to remember that it's "ok" to have these emotions and meltdowns, however with patience and practise we can get better together. It was all in a beautiful little wrapped (course) package without scrabbling through books. After the course I buzzed around with an incredible amount of energy to alter their rooms to suit their calming ideas. From the positivity in your voices, facial expressions, gestures and easy to follow slides in the course- you made it all a delight to watch!

On another positive note, my 6yo’s teacher told me at lunch all about my daughter telling her about the Amygdala in her brain and how she can calm down to let her think. This almost made me cry with happiness! Well actually it kind of did."

* Does your child often get angry, upset, nervous or anxious?
* Does your child struggle to deal with their emotions?
* Would your child benefit from a range of easy, practical strategies they could use in the moment, to help them better manage their emotions?

Your Child's Well-Being is Crucial

It's no secret that a child's well-being is important, not just for their day to day happiness, but also for their future health and success. Most young children don't understand or know how to manage those 'not-so-good' feelings when they arise and it's important that they do, so they don't suffer later in life. We all know that stress and anxiety are a big concern for kids today, and rightly so, because these directly affect a child's ability to learn and retain information, as well as taking the enjoyment and motivation out of their education.

Plus, we all want kids to flourish and feel happy!  


This online course is specifically designed to help children aged 5-10, to recognise and manage their emotions, in the moment. They'll leave this course with simple, practical strategies and tools they can use whenever they feel angry, upset, stressed, nervous, worried or anxious - in the moment, wherever they are. The strategies used in this course are based on the latest in Brain-Science & Psychology, plus over 10 years of classroom experience helping children with these exact strategies!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

You'll get instant lifetime access to the whole course, no drip feeding of lessons. Plus you and your children can do this course from the comfort of your home, whenever it suits you best. The course runs for approximately 1.5 hours, including lots of fun and engaging, interactive activities, but if you want to break it up into smaller chunks, that's not a problem, as the course is structured into 5-20 minute modules.
Just bookmark the link and log back in whenever you like and the course will remember your progress.

Your Children will learn...

  • How to recognize their emotions; what they look like & feel like
  • How to manage their own emotions
  • Simple, practical tools & techniques for self-regulation
  • How to cope with anxious & angry feelings in the moment
  • How their own mind & brain works
  • How to take back control of their brain, mind & emotions
  • How to help themselves feel calmer and happier

It's Empowering & Interactive with...

Help your Child Manage their Emotions

Give your child the tools they need to take ownership over their own feelings and emotions and better manage those 'not-so-good' times.


A better understanding of how to manage emotions, means less time spent being angry, upset, worried or anxious and more time spent being happy.

Success through well-being

No matter what your child is interested in learning or exploring, they first need to boost their well-being & emotional intelligence in order to meet their true potential.


Neuro-Science shows us that if our brains aren't in a good state of 'well-being' then we can't learn and remember as effectively. It's as simple as that.

Here’s what people are saying about the face-to-face version of this course

Tammy-Anne & Todd have taught this game-changing information to students across Australia & New Zealand, for both homeschool families and school classes.


WA Parent

"Fantastic with the kids, interactive and so much information. My son is still talking about them and singing the song!"

Jasmina Purvis

WA Home-School Group Coordinator

"The kids have talked about it to friends and family and use the terminology regularly, so it definitely sunk in. Would highly recommend!"


"I'm still telling my family about your awesome lesson. I'm feeling much more positive than I was in the morning."
"It has changed the way I think about myself, thank you!"

Course Curriculum

Course Content

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We're so excited!
You Control Your Brain
Why do we need a happy brain?
Chill-out with Music
Breathe away the bad stuff
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The Power Stance
An Attitude of Gratitude
Movement is magic
The Trick Smile
You Control Your Thoughts
Remember YOU have the POWER

Here are your teachers,

Tammy-Anne & Todd.

aka 'The Mind-Brain Lady' & 'The Mindful Man'

They both share a strong passion for helping others realise and reach their incredible true potential. They teach people how to take control and care of their own success and mental & emotional wellbeing.

Through their own experiences, studies and self directed learning over many years, they can see that people often lack the knowledge and motivation to realise they CAN achieve almost anything, while also lacking the tools to know how they can make this happen!

Tammy-Anne is an Educational Neuroscience / Mind-Brain Education specialist, presenter & consultant, 2023 TEDx speaker, and a qualified, experienced teacher from Western Australia. She retired from full-time work at 28 and started her own business. She is the recipient of two global grants from the International Brain Research Organisation in Paris; has received Government funding to present for parents at multiple schools; and was a semi-finalist in the 2020 Western Australia Curtin University Teaching Excellence Awards. Her work has been featured in multiple national educational magazines and an international scientific webinar and is highly-recommended by countless teachers, principals, professionals, parents & students. A Professor of Educational Psychology from Melbourne University, who she works for as a consultant & co-author, describes her as “one of Australia’s leading educational neuroscience specialist teachers.” But, most importantly, she knows the strategies in this course actually work because she practices what she preaches!

Her partner Todd is a meditation, mindfulness & nutrition guru, a sound engineer, and he has taught people ages 5 to 50 years old. 

The Mind-Brain Lady & The Mindful Man

Here’s what people are saying about Tammy-Anne & Todd

Ripeka Paraone

Yr 5/6 Teacher, NZ

Your passion, enthusiasm and absolute commitment to your mission is infectious. Thank you very much. You are both inspirational

Angela Gorman

Teacher & Parent, WA

"They know the content, believe it and truly live it! Their presentation was sharp, creative, informative and fun. Our kids learnt so much and were engaged throughout. Thank you!" - ,


Alice Springs, NT

"I love your energy and I love how you both look so happy teaching us and you're both so friendly."

Face-to-face workshops start from $250 per family

The information shared in this course normally costs a minimum of $250 for school classrooms or homeschool groups. However, we want to make this online course an affordable option for families to help as many children as possible, to better recognise and manage their emotions, in the moment.

Individual Family License



This license is for 1 household only

  • Lifetime Access to All Content
  • Practical tools and techniques
  • Start When it Suits You
  • Progress at Your Own Pace
  • downloadable, printable resources
  • Fun, Engaging Activities
School/Organisation License

$87 - $447

  • Lifetime Access to All Content
  • Using an Evidence-Based Approach
  • downloadable, printable resources

Individual Class = $87
Sliding cost for Whole School License
0-100 Primary Students = $147
100-400 Primary Students = $247
400-1000 Primary Students = $347
1000+ Primary Students = $447





Simple, fast and effective flexible move

  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Free Tea & Coffee
  • Max 15 team members
  • Superfast wifi
  • Free Kitchen




Simple, fast and effective flexible move

  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Free Tea & Coffee
  • Max 15 team members
  • Superfast wifi
  • Free Kitchen




Simple, fast and effective flexible move

  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Free Tea & Coffee
  • Max 15 team members
  • Superfast wifi
  • Consultance

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This information has helped hundreds of children across Australia & New Zealand. We are excited to help you and your children better manage their emotions and boost their well-being, so they can be happy & healthy, and reach their true potential.

~ 'The Mind-Brain Lady' & 'The Mindful Man'

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