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​we are passionate about ​helping
rural, regional & remote ​school communities

​We specialise in bridging the gap and helping teachers, students and parents overcome 'disadvantage' in the country, with cutting-edge Brain-Science & Psychology. We provide world-leading​ educational opportunities ​to country school communities. We delight in helping country kids (and their teachers & parents) develop the knowledge and skills to reach their true potential, no matter what their current or past circumstances are.

School of the Air Workshop

Working with rural, regional & remote students is something that is close to Tammy-Anne's heart. ​She grew up in 4 different country regions ​in WA, and attended 5 different rural schools throughout her education. Tammy also lived below the poverty line for all of her childhood, and was raised by a wonderful single mother, while going through the family court process. According to the statistics, Tammy-Anne should have failed school and have no 'out of school' qualifications, but instead she graduated with a 97.7 ATAR, was awarded Dux of Albany Senior High School and went on to complete two university degrees ​with distinction averages.

According to the stats, Tammy should be unemployed and 'disadvantaged for life', but instead she retired from full-time teaching at age 28, to pursue her dreams of making a positive difference in the world. She founded Above & Beyond Education, specialising in Educational Neuroscience, and continues to educate and help young people (and those working with young people) to realise and reach their incredible true potential, with this game-changing, world-leading approach to education.

​As a result, both Tammy-Anne and Todd feel it is ​essential that rural, regional & remote students get the opportunity to partake in our training, so they can see and realise, how they too can defy the odds, like Tammy-Anne did.

We've worked with rural and regional schools right across Australia & New Zealand, with as little as 6 students in a workshop and ​we specialise in teaching multi-grade classes, since Tammy-Anne taught a Year 3 - 6 class for 6+ years in a country town.




Hear what the principal of
Coorow primary has to say!

with international educational presenters
​'The Mind-Brain Lady' & 'The Mindful Man'

We teach the Brain-Science behind staff & student well-being, and its direct impact on teaching & learning.

Often students in rural, regional or remote areas aren't afforded the same opportunities as those in the city and can often be
considered as 'disadvantaged' in their education, due to their location, socio-economic status, or other background factors.
​They can then go on to 'believe' this disadvantage will affect their life - and this needs to change.

​To find out more about our evidence-based training that we offer to students, parents and teachers, see the menu at the top of this page, or if you have a question or would like to contact us about visiting your school, then just click the button below and we'll get back to you.

Promising studies in Africa, Asia and Latin America are showing that Educational Neuro-Science has a huge potential for country communities; when disadvantaged parents learn the choices to make, to enable their children to enhance their mental achievement – they have the power to potentially break the cycle of poverty in whole countries!!

Rural, regional and remote communities deserve to benefit from a Holistic Approach to Educational Neuroscience.