Teaching Online Made Easy

Helping Science, Humanities & Social Science (HASS) teachers, teach engaging, enjoyable & effective online lessons
using Brain-Based strategies, for Yr 3-10. Taught by an experienced teacher who has also taught Yr 5 - 8 via Zoom for a year.

Why is teaching online so difficult?

As a teacher, you're probably used to having a good grip on what's happening in your classroom. You know who isn't engaged, who's struggling with a task and needs help, or who isn't putting in the effort you know they are truly capable of. But with teaching online, it can be hard to keep an eye on the whole class and before you know it, students can be feeling left out, disengaged and potentially start falling behind.

Teaching online can add a range of issues to your lessons. Take technology for example. It's amazing when it works, but unfortunately, it doesn't always work, and problems with technology can add a lot of stress and frustration to you as a teacher and to the students learning online. Plus, when you have students that are learning online, they may feel alienated and find it nerve-racking to speak up and get involved in the lesson when they are talking to a screen. They can become less engaged and find the lessons less enjoyable - and consequently ineffective for their learning & memory retention.

And lastly, Stress.
Stress is definitely not a new thing when it comes to teaching. We've all got examples of how teaching can be a stressful job as it is, but add online teaching to the mix and it can have the potential to get a lot more stressful.


This online course is specifically designed to help you navigate teaching Science & HASS online for Yr 3-10.
It's filled with practical tips and strategies that you can use in your online lessons, to boost your students' engagement, enjoyment, participation and to help reduce the stress involved for both you and your students.

Whether you have been teaching online for a while, or are new to teaching online, this course will help you design more effective Science & HASS lessons online, whilst minimising the stress & frustration along the way.


Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

You'll get instant, lifetime access to the whole course, no drip feeding of lessons. Plus you can do this course from the comfort of your own home, or at school during a DOTT period, whenever it suits you best. This course runs for approximately 1 hour, but if you want to break it up into smaller chunks, that's not a problem, as the course is structured into shorter 2-10 minute modules. This course can count towards your PD hours.
Just bookmark the link and log back in whenever you like and the course will remember your progress.

In this course you will learn...

  • The fundamentals of teaching online
  • How to capture your students' attention online
  • What students really want in an online lesson
  • The best learning modes for online learning
  • Real-Life examples from an experienced teacher
  • The power of the mirror neuron effect
  • How to engage students with novelty and curiosity
  •  A focus on teaching Science & HASS lessons online
  • How to use stages in online lessons
  • How to handle and prevent technical issues
  • How to make online lessons interactive
  • The Brain-Science behind all of the above topics
  • Take-away checklist that can be used for every lesson
the fundamentals of online teaching

The 'how to' of online teaching. From the technology to the best learning modes. How Science & HASS teachers can teach online as effectively as possible.


Confidently plan online lessons, knowing how to put into practice the strategies and knowledge from this course to make them enjoyable & less stressful for all involved.

engage your students

Find out how using stages, choice, predictions and the mirror neuron effect, can be a game-changer in your online lessons.

it's all based on brain-science

Learn how to use the science of how a student's brain learns best, to structure enjoyable and effective lessons every time.

Here’s what people are saying about the way Tammy-Anne teaches

Tammy-Anne has successfully taught HASS online using Zoom for years 5 - 8, in blended classes where some of the students are in the room and the rest are learning online, spread out across the state.


"I like her style of teaching and how she makes boring activities fun and creative.

"I like that she explains thing in detail and always makes the lessons fun!"

"I like that she tries to make things interesting and takes on a different approach on assignments that could be very boring."

Marie Arntzen

Teacher of 38 Years

"I will be able to take this newly obtained knowledge and apply it directly to my teaching on day 1….Through her training Tammy-Anne demonstrated the reasons why applying different teaching strategies are more effective than others. I would highly recommend her training to anyone involved in education.”


"She makes you shine and do the very best that you are capable of."

"She gives us lots of motivation."

"Very nice and caring and makes you happy and feel good about yourself."

Here's your Teacher!

Tammy-Anne Caldwell.

aka 'The Mind-Brain Lady'
BA, GDip.

Tammy-Anne is "one of Australia's leading educational neuroscience specialist teachers". She is an experienced international motivational presenter, consultant & educator, and a qualified teacher of over a decade. Tammy-Anne has over 10 years of mixed-grade classroom teaching experience (primary & secondary) across Australia. She is also an accredited Social-Emotional Learning trainer, co-author & consultant.

She aims to educate, motivate & inspire others to realise & reach their true potential, achieve their dreams, think outside the box, expand human knowledge and make a difference. 
She's passionate about helping young people learn, and being a part of creating a better world and better society for the next generation, while playing a role in transforming the education system.

Here’s what others are saying about Tammy-Anne

Michael E. Bernard, Ph.D

Professor, Melbourne Graduate School of Education
Emeritus Professor, California State University Long Beach
Psychologist, & Founder of 'You Can Do It! Education'

"Tammy-Anne is an exceptional teacher and workshop presenter for sure! She is very smart, creative and enthusiastic. She has great ability to communicate complex mind-brain concepts at a level that can be absorbed by anyone. And she is an excellent listener making her a pleasure to work with. I have been present at her professional development workshops and programs - she gets an A+ from me and from everyone who attends. You can trust that she will deliver very professional, dynamic presentations for teachers, students and parents. 
I commend her to you, 100%!"

Teresa Greenfield

Principal's Executive Assistant,
Woodthorpe School, WA

"Her ability to engage her audience comes from a passion to make a difference through education to improve the lives of young people. Tammy-Anne speaks from her heart and captivates her audience with her enthusiastic style of delivery, and knowledge of the topic."

Anthony Wong

Head of Mathematics, WA

"Tammy-Anne is one of the most vibrant and energetic teachers that we are fortunate enough to have working at our school. Her philosophy is that students learn best when they are having fun, and this is shown clearly in her teaching style, which is always full of movement, challenges and surprises. Spreading the word on how the students learn and the neuroscience behind it is one of her passions. Tammy-Anne is a motivating speaker who has prompted me to rethink my own teaching style by making ‘fun’ a primary objective in the classroom.”


Alice Springs, NT

"Love your knowledge, passion and your energetic style of delivery! Well done!
PS. Come back to Alice. We'll spread the word!!"

Teacher PD workshops in person at schools cost $1580

The information shared in this course is part of a larger Teacher PD workshop that normally costs a minimum of $980, and even more for schools with larger staff numbers. However, Tammy-Anne knows how beneficial this information will be to countless teachers out there, so this course has been purposely kept very affordable.

Teaching online made easy

Helping Science & HASS teachers, teach engaging, enjoyable & effective online lessons with Brain-Science.

$25 AUD

  • Lifetime Access
  • Start When it Suits You
  • Progress at Your Own Pace
  • Practical Strategies & Tools
  • Learn From An Experienced Teacher
  • Take-away Lesson Checklist

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Teaching online can be a stressful experience and can be less effective, less engaging & less enjoyable for your students than face2face classes. That's why I've created this course; to help you get the most out of your online Science & HASS lessons, both as teachers and of course, for your students too. I've used these strategies and tips in my online classes with great success and I'm sure you will too.

~ Tammy-Anne, 'The Mind-Brain Lady'

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