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​The daily dozen for well-being & learning at home
 How to help your child ​reach ​their true potential with Brain-Science

Awesome Awesome Awesome! Feeling a lot more positive about everything in life now, not just for kids ...​ the info was seriously useful. Thanks thanks thanks!”


Kaipara Campus, NZ


“Excellent presentation! Worthwhile for every parent!!


​New Zealand


​"I wish I could put in words how good Tammy-Anne is! ... This is ground breaking and the future!"


​Britt Dunn
Parent, WA


“Thank you so much. Very inspiring. Lots for me to change.”


​New Zealand

The Australian Student Well-Being Framework Checklist asks schools to:
"Build collaborative partnerships with families and communities
to ensure a shared understanding of student learning, safety and well-being"

This is what we do!

"We want students to achieve their true potential - but they don't have any idea 
what their incredible true potential really is."
This workshop ​gives ​parents the knowledge & tools to help their children realise & reach
their incredible true potential.​

As a PARENT, would you like to be 'on the same page' as your children's teachers, and work WITH them to help
set your child up for success at school and home - from a well-being & learning perspective?

This is not a ‘how to parent’ workshop; in just 2.5 hours you will learn EXACTLY what you can DO & SAY at home to HELP your child, of any age, meet their TRUE POTENTIAL from a WELL-BEING & LEARNING perspective, all based on the LATEST KNOWLEDGE IN BRAIN-SCIENCE, EDUCATION & PSYCHOLOGY. There’s simple evidence-based, brain-based ways you can help your child better manage their emotions, build their resilience & confidence, learn easier, focus more, remember better & cope with stress more effectively. 

Workshop Details:

In this workshop we cover: 
*The Brain Link Between Well-Being & Learning
*Why a Holistic Approach is the Only Approach That Works
*Why Parental Engagement Matters
*Practical Tools & Techniques to Cope in Any Stressful Situation
*How to Prevent Some Situations That Cause Stress at Home
*How to help your child build theirResilience, Confidence, Self-Acceptance & Compassion 
*How to help your child deal with -  Bullying, Managing Anxiety & Anger, Self-Regulation and Impacts of Trauma & Stress

 *Plus Role-Modelling, Homework, Effort, Attention, Laziness & Giving Up,  Power of Emotion & Thoughts, Environment, Memory, Rewards & Praise, Interaction, Movement, Nutrition & Sleep. 

Daily Dozen for Well-Being & Learning at Home

(This workshop applies to parents of all school-aged children & teens. A lot of it applies to parents of younger toddlers too.)

Time: 2.5 Hours
Numbers: Unlimited Parents

Cost: $650
Travel costs may apply
Options: We also offer one-on-one, small group and home-school bookings

Parent Testimonial

​​If you answer yes to any of these questions - then our parent workshop is for you!

Is your child's emotional well-being as important as their academic achievements?
Are you a parent who truly values life-long learning for your children?
Do you believe that well-being & learning should serve your children well in every area of life, not just in the classroom?
As a PARENT, would you like to be involved in helping your child's well-being & love for learning, improve and flourish?
Would you like to know the simple choices you can make at home every day to support your child & their teacher?
​Is your child performing below the level they are truly capable of and you know they could do better?
​Is your child achieving well, but you want to do all you can to help support them to succeed and be happy?
Would you like to empower your children to become more motivated, self-directed, engaged, better able to manage their emotions & cope with bullying, stress & anxiety, to put in more effort & take control of their own learning, emotions, thoughts and academic achievements to truly take their education to the next level?
As a PARENT, would you like to be 'on the same page' as your children's teachers, and work WITH them to help
set your child up for success at school and home?

Research suggests that Neuro-Science-backed programs designed to educate PARENTS about how to best enhance their child’s cognitive development at home, lessen the achievement gap between wealthy & poorer students – and may even raise whole countries out of poverty. See our RESEARCH page for more.

​Our Parent Workshop helps parents understand how their child's brain functions, from a well-being & learning ​perspective, so that they can make simple choices at home, after school, on the holidays, and before their child even starts school - to help grow their child's brain and give them the best opportunities to succeed at school - and life, regardless of their background or circumstances. 

Parents will understand how their child’s brain works, grows and learns – and how they can support and enhance their development in countless ways at home and outside of the school environment.

​This workshop takes a complex topic and makes it easy to understand, in an entertaining fashion, with real practical ideas (all based on the latest in brain-science & psychology) that parents can use immediately.

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