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 Using cutting-edge Brain-Science to help your children reach their true potential!

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An OECD report states that a student’s social interactions, environment, sleep, diet and movement are “easily overlooked in their impact on education”, but they shouldn’t be – because these “everyday matters” have a massive impact on the brain. It is vital parents understand this.

The OECD’s Centre for Educational Research & Innovation recommends a "holistic approach" to education to “take advantage of the brain’s potential for plasticity and to facilitate the learning process.”

As Tammy-Anne explains in her most recent article published in Education Review,
A Holistic Approach to Education starts in the Home.

“Completely brilliant!"
"Really useful to implement easy changes which will have big effects".


Karridale PS, WA

"We want students to achieve their true potential - but they don't have any idea 
what their incredible true potential really is."
This workshop gives parents the knowledge & tools to help their children realise & reach
their incredible true potential.

“Given the clear benefits of positive parental engagement in student learning, by way of improved academic achievement, wellbeing and productivity, … progressing parental engagement initiatives is warranted,
if not essential to education reform and the future of Australia."
- Australian Research Alliance for Children & Youth

Workshop Details:

In this workshop we cover: 
Why Parental Engagement is Essential
The Brain Link Between Well-Being & Learning
Why a Holistic Approach is the Only Approach That Works
Practical Tools & Techniques to Improve Well-Being & Learning at Home
How to help your child build their Resilience, Confidence, Self-Acceptance & Compassion 
How to help your child deal with Managing Anxiety & Anger, Self-Regulation, Bullying and Impacts of Trauma & Stress
How to help your child improve their Focus, Effort, Memory, Attention & Academic Achievements

Plus: Role-Modelling, Homework, Emotions, Thoughts, Meditation, Mindfulness, Rewards, Praise, Movement,
Music, Nutrition & Sleep - all based on cutting-edge Brain-Science & Psychology.

Why do we cover all of these topics in one workshop?
Because We need to take a holistic approach to education; it's all connected!

(This workshop applies to parents of all school-aged children & teens. A lot of it applies to parents of younger toddlers too.)

A holistic approach to learning” is one of the 'key factors' that 'feeds student success'.
- The Australian Student Well-Being Framework.

Imagine the immense benefits of having your parent community 'on the same page' as your teachers, working WITH them to give students the best opportunities to succeed at school and life, regardless of their background or circumstances
- from a well-being & learning perspective.

This is not a ‘how to parent’ workshop; in just 3 hours parents will learn EXACTLY what they can DO & SAY at home to HELP their children, of any age, meet their TRUE POTENTIAL.

This workshop takes a complex topic and makes it easy to understand, in an entertaining fashion, with inspiring true stories, real practical ideas, tools and techniques (all based on the latest in brain-science & psychology) that parents can use immediately.

“Excellent presentation! Worthwhile for every parent!!


New Zealand

"I wish I could put in words how good Tammy-Anne is! ... I feel like I have a ‘tool belt’ for education... This is ground breaking and the future!"


Britt Dunn
Parent, WA

“Thank you so much. Very inspiring. Lots for me to change.”


New Zealand

“Research has shown that when schools and families work together, children do better, stay in school longer, are more engaged with their school work, go to school more regularly, behave better, and have better social skills. Parent engagement also results in longer term economic, social and emotional benefits.”
- The Federal Education Department

Awesome Awesome Awesome! Feeling a lot more positive about everything in life now, not just for kids ... the info was seriously useful. Thanks thanks thanks!”


Kaipara Campus, NZ

“The parents have repeated many times about how they were very skeptical [beforehand], but that they learnt so much and were so glad they came.

Principal - Jancy whyte

coorow PS, WA

The Australian Student Well-Being Framework Checklist asks schools to:
"Build collaborative partnerships with families and communities
to ensure a shared understanding of student learning, safety and well-being"

This is what we do!

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