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Grow your own brain

Come on a journey with young school boy Sebastian and his 8 eccentric friends, Amy Amygdala, Molly Movement, Gloria Good Thoughts, Solomon Sleep, Rebecca Repetition, Healthy Helen, Charlie Choose A Challenge, and Gracie Growth Thinker, as they help him learn how to take control of his own emotions, thoughts, health and learning success – all based on cutting-edge, exciting brain-science!

Through engaging costumes, song, dance, story-telling, art, exciting visuals, hands-on learning through play, and much laughter, plus music, meditation, mindfulness, movement and role-plays, students will be involved in Sebastian’s story of growth and discovery, empowerment and self-regulation, to boost his own well-being and academic success. Students will then use what they have learnt to understand the Learning Pit and create their own. This fun and engaging incursion uses a unique, highly-recommended, research-based and world-leading Brain-Based Holistic Approach to Well-Being, Teaching & Learning. Perfect for Year PP – 6, taught by experienced teachers, international presenters and educational neuroscience specialists, Tammy-Anne Caldwell and Todd Budden.

As a primary teacher specialising in Educational Neuro-Science for more than 8 years, Tammy-Anne (aka 'The Mind-Brain Lady') has cleverly formulated a brain-based approach to teach cutting-edge brain-science to a primary-aged audience, in a fun, understandable, interactive, memorable way, that can benefit their well-being & learning success.

We offer a 2 period workshop for PP-Year 2 and a full day workshop for Year 3-6 (Year 5-6 costumes optional).

"Full of energy, informative, excellent content, structured, movement, inclusivity, fabulous characters!"


Denmark PS

"The best bits were when all the characters came and helped Sebastian when he was doing things wrong and taught him the right way. "


Yr 4 Student

" I LOVED it when we learnt about compassion and kindness."

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Yr 4 Student

We also offer a resource pack that schools or home-school groups can purchase, containing a song & dance video of all the 7 super secrets (perfect for morning fitness or brain breaks as a reminder of the topics taught) and several posters with practical uses, for resilience, persistence, growth mindset & wellbeing, highlighting the key messages of the workshop, that can be used in the classroom or home.

"Fantastic with the kids, interactive and so much information. My son is still talking about them and singing the song!"



“I really enjoyed the presentation about our brain and mind. It was seriously interesting, and I learnt lots. I liked answering questions and I felt confident asking questions. If you do something like it again hopefully I will be there.” 


Yr 5 Student

"I'm still telling my family about your awesome lesson. I'm feeling much more positive than I was in the morning before your presentation."

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Primary Student

"When students realise how their own brain works, learns & grows - what their potential really is 
- this can be a game-changer for them."

Students in your classrooms can be anxious, bullied, tired, shy, angry, bored, scared, worried about mistakes, traumatised, distracted or disengaged – and in these states of 'stress', their brains physically cannot learn effectively. 

Our unique focus is on taking cutting-edge brain-science & psychology understandings and sharing them with young people - not just teachers - empowering STUDENTS to take control of their OWN well-being & learning – and ultimately to take ownership
over their own success & happiness. 

Our workshops meet ACARA's Personal & Social Capability outcomes and cover a great deal of Social & Emotional Learning content and skills. Plus, since the entire workshop is based on Educational Neuro-Science, all our workshops are perfectly aligned with a
STEM approach to education.

"Tammy and Todd were highly professional... The sessions were highly engaging and presented in a way that encouraged all the students to be actively involved.
The information presented complimented our focus on encouraging students to have a 

growth mindset approach to their learning.
A fantastic program that taught the students about the power of their brain."

Natalie Dennis

Principal - Cervantes Primary School

“I found your presentation on the brain immensely interesting!!! I think the brain breaks are a great way to help you calm down and concentrate. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!!”  - Year 4 Student

“I enjoyed it very much. I found it very interesting especially when you talked about the neurons and how they join up every time you repeat something. I also liked when you said at the start about how you can achieve anything and that if you can’t do something, you just can’t do it yet. - Year 4 Student

“Thank you so much for teaching me and everyone else in my class about the brain. I found out a lot of interesting facts and will remember them forever. One of my favourite things about that day was learning that you can grow your brain and make it stronger. 
Also, I felt very inspired about Pedro and what happened to him
and his son." - Year 5 Student

“I enjoyed your presentation very much! You helped us learn in a very easy way. I hope you come and teach us again!!!” - Year 4 Student

Using the power of storytelling & real-life experiences, combined with Educational Neuroscience & Psychology, we provide year 4-6 students with achievable, practical strategies that they can use every day, in every lesson (and outside of class & at home) to transform their own brain, boost their well-being & achieve academic success!

Students are involved in age-appropriate ‘brain-breaks’ and 'thinking routines' to get them up, moving, discussing, participating & actively involved.

"Really tremendous - it reinforced positive thinking and growth mindset concepts... a scientific and fun approach which really helped students."


Year 5-6 Teacher

"NEVER give up - this is a good saying that will stay in my head FOREVER!"

student jumping silhouette

Year 5 Student

"You explained all the detailed words and information in a way that we could understand."

"How cool - the no hands games. I liked how I learnt new stuff. It was so nice that they came."

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Year 6 Students

This workshop has 3 options depending on your focus. Each workshop is 2 hours long:

1. BUILD YOUR BEST SELF: Be your unique individual self, social resilience, beat bullying with brain-science, self-acceptance, self-esteem, self-belief, confidence, character strengths, power of thoughts, ignoring peer pressure.

2. MINDFUL EMOTIONS: Mindfulness, movement, meditation & music to aid in mental health, self-regulation of emotions and actions, better behaviour, attention, focus, being present, power of thoughts, gratitude & compassion.

3. WHAT’S THE POINT OF SCHOOL?: Academic resilience, energising students to choose a challenge, to understand why we learn, how to deal with mistakes, never giving up and growing a growth mindset.

In all of these workshops, students will learn from a brain-based perspective, exactly how and why the choices we cover will benefit them and be given practical strategies they can use in the moment, when they are needed.

The '5 Simple Steps to Beat Bullying with Brain Science' is a fun, PRACTICAL, research-based, no-nonsense, EMPOWERING workshop that covers building a student's resilience and self-acceptance; increasing kindness & empathy; understanding the power of words & thoughts; and using our powers for good - all based on the latest research in Neuro-Science & Psychology.  

"It taught me to not be afraid of what others think and how to cope with bullying."

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Primary Student

"Put up your bubble shield and remember how awesome you are!"

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Primary Student

Tammy-Anne 'The Mind-Brain Lady' & Todd 'The Mindful Man'  - bring you this interactive workshop for year 3-6 students, featuring real-life stories, the raw truth & science about bullying & empowering meditation experience, combined with non-stop humour & clever imagery to help students understand why people bully - & how to protect themselves from bullying - all while making their school a better place to be. 

Tammy-Anne is a trained, practicing social & emotional learning trainer, with neuro-science qualifications & 8 years of classroom teaching experience.  Together, Todd and Tammy-Anne provide a young, fun, relatable approach to bullying, keeping students engaged throughout the workshop and getting them actively involved in movement, role-plays, meditation and more. 

Bullying is a serious, on-going issue in schools, but by combining educational neuro-science and psychology, we give students the knowledge to understand why bullying can have such a negative effect (on the person being bullied & also the person doing the bullying), plus, we give students the tools to be resilient, self-accepting & confident enough to take ownership over their own thoughts and feelings, so no matter what someone says or does, their words & actions will cause minimal harm. 

We know first hand the impact that bullying has on a student.
We've used these '5 Simple Steps', in various forms, in our own lives when we were at school and also later in life, so we know they work.

"I learnt we should use our power to help others not hurt them"

student jumping silhouette


"Thank you for your bullying presentation, it really helped me a lot!"

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