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​"I wish I could put in words how good Tammy-Anne is! I feel like I have a ‘tool belt’ for education. Tammy-Anne has taught us so much. We are blessed... thank you."


​Britt Dunn
- Home School Parent

"​Fantastic with the kids, interactive and so much information. My son is still talking about them and singing the song!"


- Home School Parent

​"​​I'm still telling my family about your awesome lesson. I'm feeling much more positive than I was in the morning before your presentation."

student jumping silhouette

​Primary Student
- Woodthorpe School

"Tammy and Todd were highly professional... The sessions were highly engaging and presented in a way that encouraged all the students to be actively involved. Even when the power went out for their afternoon session.
The information presented complimented our focus on encouraging students to have a growth mindset approach to their learning.
A fantastic program that taught the students about the power of their brain."

- Natalie Dennis
Principal - Cervantes Primary School

“I found your presentation on the brain immensely interesting!!! I think the brain breaks are a great way to help you calm down and concentrate. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!!”  - Year 4 Student

“I enjoyed it very much. I found it very interesting especially when you talked about the neurons and how they join up every time you repeat something. I also liked when you said at the start about how you can achieve anything and that if you can’t do something, you just can’t do it yet. - Year 4 Student


“Thank you very much for teaching me about the human brain and how it functions. I’m still telling my family about your awesome lesson. I’m feeling much more positive than I was in the morning before your presentation.”  - Year 5 Student

“I really enjoyed the presentation about our brain and mind. It was seriously interesting, and I learnt lots. I liked answering questions and I felt confident asking questions. If you do something like it again hopefully I will be there.” - Year 5 Student

“Thank you so much for teaching me and everyone else in my class about the brain. I found out a lot of interesting facts and will remember them forever. One of my favourite things about that day was learning that you can grow your brain and make it stronger. 
Also, I felt very inspired about Pedro and what happened to him
and his son." - Year 5 Student

“I enjoyed your presentation very much! You helped us learn in a very easy way. I hope you come and teach us again!!!” - Year 4 Student

The '5 Simple Steps to Beat Bullying with Brain Science' is a fun, PRACTICAL, research-based, no-nonsense, EMPOWERING workshop that covers building a student's resilience and self-acceptance; increasing kindness & empathy; understanding the power of words & thoughts; and using our powers for good - all based on the latest research in Neuro-Science & Psychology.  

Tammy-Anne 'The Mind-Brain Lady' & Todd 'The Mindful Man'  - bring you this interactive workshop for year 3-6 students, featuring real-life stories, the raw truth & science about bullying​ & empowering meditation experience, combined with non-stop humour & clever imagery to help students understand why people bully - & how to protect themselves from bullying - all while making their school community a better place to be.