5 SIMPLE STEPS TO BEAT BULLYING with Brain-Science: Yr 3-6

“I think it was really cool. Very important messages. 
I loved it. Thank you so much.”


"It taught me to not be afraid of what others think and how to cope with bullying."

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Primary Student

"Put up your bubble shield and remember how awesome you are!"

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The Australian Student Well-Being Framework Checklist asks schools to:
"Actively engage students in ways to enhance their own learning & well-being,
through the school's use of evidence-informed, strengths-based approaches."

This is what we do!

The '5 Simple Steps to Beat Bullying with Brain Science' is a fun, PRACTICAL, research-based, no-nonsense, EMPOWERING workshop that covers building a student's resilience and self-acceptance; increasing kindness & empathy; understanding the power of words & thoughts; and using our powers for good - all based on the latest research in Neuro-Science & Psychology.  

Tammy-Anne 'The Mind-Brain Lady' & Todd 'The Mindful Man'  - bring you this interactive workshop, featuring real-life stories, the raw truth & science about bullying, and an empowering meditation experience, combined with non-stop humour & clever imagery to help students understand why people bully - and how to protect themselves from bullying - all while making their school community a better place to be. 

Tammy-Anne is a trained, practicing social & emotional learning trainer, with neuro-science qualifications & 8 years of classroom teaching experience.  Together, Todd and Tammy-Anne provide a young, fun, relatable approach to bullying, keeping students engaged throughout the workshop and getting them actively involved in movement, role-plays, meditation and more. 

Bullying is a serious, on-going issue in schools, but by combining educational neuro-science and psychology, we give students the knowledge to understand why bullying can have such a negative effect (on the person being bullied & also the person doing the bullying), plus, we give students the tools to be resilient, self-accepting & confident enough to take ownership over their own thoughts and feelings, so no matter what someone says or does, their words & actions will cause minimal harm. 

We know first hand the impact that bullying has on a student.
We've used these '5 Simple Steps', in various forms, in our own lives when we were at school and also later in life, so we know they work.

Workshop Details:

Time: 1 Hour
Numbers: Unlimited students (we recommend year 3-4 and year 5-6 workshops are separate)
Cost: $7 per student, minimum of $175
Options: We also offer one-on-one, small group or home-school bookings

"I learnt we should use our power to help others not hurt them"

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"Thank you for your bullying presentation, it really helped me a lot!"

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Beat a bully workshop
Beat a bully students

This workshop runs for 1 school-period (50 – 60 minutes).

Schools and families who book this workshop also receive a FREE digital poster of the 5 Simple Steps
for use in their classrooms and school community. 

Teaching Yr 3-6 students this information can change their entire schooling experience and can help create confident, resilient world citizens for life. At this young age they are often unaware of how their words and actions affect others, and they're also unaware that they have the power to choose their thoughts and feelings, to handle bullying in a calm and purposeful way.
By the end of this workshop they'll be walking around with their 'Bubble Shields' up (ie. increased self-acceptance and resilience) and will enjoy using the '5 Simple Steps' every day.

This workshop combines perfectly with our signature workshop: '7 Super Secrets to Grow Your Own Brain'.
For more info on this workshop, click > HERE <

"When students realise how their own brain works, learns & grows - what their potential really is
- this can be a game-changer for them."

Our unique focus is on taking cutting-edge brain-science & psychology understandings and sharing them with young people - not just teachers - empowering STUDENTS to take control of their OWN well-being & learning
– and ultimately to take ownership over their own success & happiness.

Our workshops meet ACARA's Personal & Social Capability outcomes and cover a great deal of Social & Emotional Learning content and skills. Plus, since the entire workshop is based on Educational Neuro-Science, all our workshops are perfectly aligned with a
STEM approach to education.

Our motivational workshop removes the complexity & mystery surrounding that part of our body that is so crucial to our existence, our well-being & our learning - and yet so unknown to all but a few neuro-scientists & psychologists; to empower students to effectively & easily utilise this knowledge to make everyday choices, to improve their well-being and learn as best as they possibly can, in an enjoyable manner- all based on brain-science & psychology.

Plus, we are young, fun and relatable!

This workshop is for designed for students in Yr 3-6.
However we also offer a similar workshop for students in Yr 7-10 which you can find > HERE <