Building Smart, Happy, Healthy Little Brains - PP to Yr 2

"Tammy and Todd were highly professional... The sessions were highly engaging and presented in a way that encouraged all the students to be actively involved.
The information presented complimented our focus on encouraging students to have a 

growth mindset approach to their learning.
A fantastic program that taught the students about the power of their brain."

Natalie Dennis

Principal - Cervantes Primary School

Karridale PS Little Brains

It's all based on cutting-edge brain-science and psychology

Young children have the most malleable brains; so now is the perfect age to have them
learn how they can take control of their own well-being and learning.

"We want students to achieve their true potential - but they have no idea 
what their incredible true potential really is."
This workshop makes sure students realise what they are truly capable of - and how to achieve it!

Workshop Details:

This workshop covers ALL these topics:

Managing Anxiety & Negative Emotions
Never Giving Up
Engagement & Attention
Growth Mind-Set

What to Think About Mistakes
Compassion & Gratitude

Effort & Focus
Plus: bullying, nutrition, nature, movement, music, meditation, mindfulness & sleep 
- all based on cutting-edge Brain-Science & Psychology.

Why do we cover all of these topics in one workshop?
because We need to take a holistic approach to education; it's all connected!

Time: 2 Periods (45-50 minutes each period)
Numbers: Max of 40 students per workshop

Cost: $10 per student with a minimum of $250 per workshop
Travel costs may apply
Options: We also offer one-on-one, small group or home-school bookings

A holistic approach to learning” is one of the 'key factors' that 'feeds student success'.
- The Australian Student Well-Being Framework.

We run world-leading, unique, multi-sensory, 2 period workshops across Australia and New Zealand for young students aged 6 – 8 years old, which are extremely interactive and fun; the best way to teach and learn! 

Hundreds of primary-aged students have enjoyed and benefited from this one-of-a-kind world-leading workshop; where we take the complex topic of brain-science & psychology – and make it come alive for primary students!

We make it memorable, motivational & applicable to young students. 

Students participate in lots of singing and dancing throughout the 2 periods, which is specifically designed to keep their mind alert and engaged, while aiding in the strong memory formation of the tips and information we share with them.

They will also create play-dough brains, may touch real brains and will discuss how their learning in the workshop links to their own life.

Students in your classrooms can be anxious, bullied, tired, shy, angry, bored, scared, worried about mistakes, traumatised, distracted or disengaged – and in these states of 'stress', their brains physically cannot learn effectively. 

We provide easy, enjoyable, practical strategies, tools and techniques, that you and your students can use every day, in every lesson, to lower student stress, boost self-direction & enhance their well-being and academic learning success.

little brains

"I'm still telling my family about your awesome lesson. I'm feeling much more positive than I was in the morning before your presentation."

student jumping silhouette

Primary Student

"Fantastic with the kids, interactive and so much information. My son is still talking about them and singing the song!"

student jumping silhouette

Renee - Parent

"I found out a lot of interesting facts and I will remember them forever." "SPECTACULAR!"

student jumping silhouette

Primary Students

The Australian Student Well-Being Framework Checklist asks schools to:
"Actively engage students in ways to enhance their own learning & well-being, 
through the school's use of evidence-informed, strengths-based approaches."

This is what we do!

Our workshops meet these standards

Our unique focus is on taking cutting-edge brain-science & psychology understandings and sharing them with young people - not just teachers - empowering STUDENTS to take control of their OWN well-being & learning – and ultimately to take ownership
over their own success & happiness. 

Our workshops meet ACARA's Personal & Social Capability outcomes and cover a great deal of Social & Emotional Learning content and skills. Plus, since the entire workshop is based on Educational Neuro-Science, all our workshops are perfectly aligned with a
STEM approach to education.

Our motivational workshop removes the complexity & mystery surrounding that part of our body that is so crucial to our existence, our well-being & our learning - and yet so unknown to all but a few neuro-scientists & psychologists; to empower students to effectively & easily utilise this knowledge to make everyday choices, to improve their well-being and learn as best as they possibly can, in an enjoyable manner- all based on brain-science & psychology.

Plus, we are young, fun and relatable!

Singalong with us