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Looking for a UNIQUE INCURSION IDEA that the students themselves actually recommend?
Kindness in the Community - with Brain-Science. Year 7 - 8.
This workshop is 100 minutes (or 2 periods) long.

Highly Interactive. Fits a STEAM approach perfectly (S & A). 
We teach students how kindness benefits their brain and how it can improve their well-being & learning.
We also cover why being mean isn't the smartest choice, and how to be resilient and kind in the school community.

Change Your Brain, Change Your Life

"It has changed the way I think about myself. Thank you!"

Year 8 Student

Kaipara Campus, NZ

Using the power of storytelling & real-life experiences, combined with Educational Neuroscience & Psychology, we provide year 7-9 students with achievable, practical strategies that they can use every day, in every lesson (and outside of class & at home) to transform their own brain, boost their well-being & achieve academic success!

Students are involved in age-appropriate ‘brain-breaks’ and 'thinking routines' to get them up,  moving, discussing, participating & actively involved in the workshop.

"I like best the true stories because they put knowledge to happening and showed me that people can get through this and so can I."

“Very, very interesting and would love to have you visit again.”

student jumping silhouette

Year 7/8 Students

"Tammy and Todd were amazing and so inspiring, their stories were so interesting and they are very intelligent." 

"I enjoyed everything about today’s lesson, but especially hearing all the true stories."

student jumping silhouette

Year 7/8 Students

"No feedback needed, it was perfect."

"I think it will help me overcome barriers in my learning. I really enjoyed how all of the stories you told us were true."

student jumping silhouette

Year 7 Students

This workshop has 3 options depending on your choice of focus. Each workshop is 2 hours long:

  1. BUILD YOUR BEST SELF: Be your unique individual self, social resilience, beat bullying with brain-science, why being compassionate & kind is best, self-acceptance, self-esteem, self-belief, confidence, character strengths, power of thoughts, ignoring peer pressure.
  1. MINDFUL EMOTIONS: Mindfulness, movement, meditation & music to aid in mental health, self-regulation of emotions and actions, better behaviour, attention, focus, being present, power of thoughts, gratitude & compassion.

  1. WHAT’S THE POINT OF SCHOOL?: Academic resilience, energising students to choose a challenge, increase their effort, understand why we learn, how to deal with mistakes, never giving up and growing a growth mindset.

In all of these workshops, students will learn from a brain-based perspective, exactly how and why the choices we cover will benefit them and be given practical tools & strategies they can use in the moment, when they are needed.

inspirational quote

5 Simple Steps to Beat Bullying with Brain-Science

I think the '5 simple steps to beat bullying with brain science' presentation was very worthwhile and helpful...it really helped me to understand what to do in that situation...it is something I will remember for the rest of my life."

Secondary Student

The '5 Simple Steps to Beat Bullying with Brain Science' is a fun, PRACTICAL, research-based, no-nonsense, EMPOWERING workshop that covers building a student's resilience and self-acceptance; increasing kindness & empathy; understanding the power of words & thoughts; and using our powers for good - all based on the latest research in Neuro-Science & Psychology.  

Tammy-Anne 'The Mind-Brain Lady' & Todd 'The Mindful Man'  - bring you this interactive workshop for year 7-9 students, featuring real-life stories, the raw truth & science about bullying & empowering meditation experience, combined with non-stop humour & clever imagery to help students understand why people bully - & how to protect themselves from bullying - all while making their school community a better place to be.

Tammy-Anne is a trained, practicing social & emotional learning trainer, with neuro-science qualifications & 8 years of classroom teaching experience.  Together, Todd and Tammy-Anne provide a young, fun, relatable approach to bullying, keeping students engaged throughout the workshop and getting them actively involved in movement, role-plays, meditation and more. 

Bullying is a serious, on-going issue in schools, but by combining educational neuro-science and psychology, we give students the knowledge to understand why bullying can have such a negative effect (on the person being bullied & also the person doing the bullying), plus, we give students the tools to be resilient, self-accepting & confident enough to take ownership over their own thoughts and feelings, so no matter what someone says or does, their words & actions will cause minimal harm. 

We've used these '5 Simple Steps', in various forms, in our own lives when we were at school and also later in life, so we know they work. 

The Mindful Man talking well-being in NZ

"This was easy to understand, as it had a different approach to most bullying presentations."

"She explained things in real-life situations."

"She was very energetic and enthusiastic."

"I learnt that words are weapons and we can use them in the right way or the wrong way."

"It will definitely help prevent bullying in the future."

Year 7 Students

Schools and families who book this workshop also receive a FREE digital poster of the 5 Simple Steps
for use in their classrooms and school community.

For Yr 7-10 students, bullying can be quite serious. With an overwhelming amount of unregulated emotions and peer pressure happening in their lives, the last thing they want is to be bullied. The '5 Simple Steps' in this workshop can not only make the remaining years of their schooling more enjoyable and easier, but can also set them up for greater success in life beyond their schooling.

We give teenagers the empowering knowledge that their thoughts and feelings are in fact their choice
and we work to improve their individual self-acceptance, confidence and resilience.

Before I could not focus and afterwards the work seemed a lot easier... I would definitely recommend this to others. I would also recommend it to be shown again before the semester 2 exams.

student jumping silhouette

Year 10 Student

I found that your presentation helped us understand that mid-year exams aren't the most important things in the world and that Practice Makes Perfect... particularly the pictures of the pathways... this helps the younger students understand what is happening inside our brain.

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Year 11 Student

Tammy-Anne's presentation was of great assistance to me and increased my study productivity majorly... it really helped to relieve stress for me... it really works!

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Year 10 Student

Using cutting-edge, Educational Neuroscience, Psychology & Real-Life Experience, combined with engaging visuals, enthusiastic  presenting and interactive activities, we provide easy, evidence-based, brain-based, practical tools & techniques that your senior students can use every day to stress less & achieve success during their final years of school - and beyond.

It’s no secret that Yr 10–12 students can experience very stressful times in their final years of school. 

Students in Year 10 - 12 can be anxious, tired, worried, distracted or disengaged. The evidence cannot be any clearer; in these states of stress, students' brains physically cannot learn effectively and therefore they cannot meet their incredible true potential.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

When students know & use the information we teach in this workshop, their learning, achievement & well-being increases.

As former DUX of Albany Senior High School, achieving an ATAR of 97.70 in 2005, Tammy-Anne understands the
pressure and stress felt by many students in these final years. As someone who worked 16 hour days doing multiple jobs whilst studying, Todd also understands what it means 
to be stressed and busy as a young person.

Southerly Magazine


"Tammy-Anne Caldwell recently presented to all of our Year 10 – 12 students in WA & SA, providing 10 top tips to combat exam stress. Tammy-Anne incorporated her extensive knowledge of Neuroscience, but imparted this knowledge in a student-friendly manner, by taking a common-sense approach and a passion for student well-being. The impact on students was obvious throughout the presentation and I have received very positive reports from our students that the session helped them immensely in the lead up to our mid-year examinations."

Paul Maher - 
OneSchool Global WA & SA Regional Principal

This workshop provides Yr 10 - 12 students with practical, evidence-based, brain-based strategies to use everyday to enhance their well-being & learning at the same time; by lowering their stress and anxiety, while also increasing their productivity, memory, study skills, resilience, self-acceptance, achievement, focus & effort - allowing them to reach their incredible
 TRUE potential during their final years of school and exams - and beyond.

Tammy-Anne Guest Speaker

"If Todd sets his mind to it,
there's NOTHING he can't achieve!"

David Lapping

Former Assistant Manager, SAE Institute

"Tammy-Anne speaks from the heart and captivates her audience with her enthusiastic style of delivery."

Teresa Greenfield

Principal's Executive Assistant, Woodthorpe School



"Excellent presentation tailored to our specific needs! Tammy-Anne is an enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable educator in her field and exudes passion as she delivers her content. The feedback from staff and parents was excellent but most importantly, the students took great learning from the session and many commented on using the strategies given to alleviate their exam stress! We will definitely have Tammy-Anne back to deliver more content in the future!”

Julie Murray -
Director of Primary and Learning Support, Woodthorpe School.



"The recent Year 10 exam stress management presentation by Tammy-Anne was very well explained and received by my Year 10 child. It was an immense help and definitely assisted in the lead up to exams on the home front. I have heard it all via the students and it made me as a parent stress less knowing such high quality care was being given at school to the well-being of my child. Thank you Tammy-Anne"

WA Parent - 
OneSchool Global