"We want students to achieve their true potential - but they don't have any idea 
what their INCREDIBLE TRUE POTENTIAL really is."
This workshop makes sure students realise what they are truly capable of - and how to achieve it!

Using the power of storytelling & real-life experiences, combined with Educational Neuroscience & Psychology, we show students how they can start making the right choices, every day, to transform their own brain, boost their well-being & achieve academic success!

We provide achievable, practical strategies that high school students can use every day, in every lesson
(and outside of class & at home), to decrease stress, increase well-being & enhance learning success.

“It was very interesting, and I learned lots. It has changed the way I think about myself. Thank you.”

“Very, very interesting and would love to have you visit again.”

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Year 7/8 Students

"Tammy and Todd were amazing and so inspiring, their stories were so interesting and they are very intelligent." 

"I enjoyed everything about today’s lesson, but especially hearing all the true stories."

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Year 7/8 Students

"No feedback needed, it was perfect."

"I think it will help me overcome barriers in my learning. I really enjoyed how all of the stories you told us were true."

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Year 7 Students

The Australian Student Well-Being Framework Checklist asks schools to:

"Actively engage students in ways to enhance their own learning & well-being, 
through the school's use of evidence-informed, strengths-based approaches."

This is what we do!

Students learn how to transform their own brain, to improve their well-being, learning & academic achievement
 in a fun, relatable, understandable fashion.

Our workshop is based on cutting-edge brain-science & psychology, research & evidence, plus real-life stories and experiences, combined with engaging photos & videos, and is designed to improve students' well-being, resilience, academic achievements, confidence, self-direction, motivation, self-regulation, self-belief, growth-mindset, effort & more. 

We are enthusiastic presenters, with a lot of energy, who relate well to teenagers and take a common-sense, entertaining, honest approach with our delivery for the whole 2 periods.

Students are involved in age-appropriate ‘brain-breaks’ and 'thinking routines' to get them up,  moving, discussing, participating & actively involved in the workshop. 

Our unique focus is on taking cutting-edge brain-science & psychology understandings and sharing them with young people - not just teachers - empowering STUDENTS to take control of their OWN well-being & learning
– and ultimately to take ownership over their own success & happiness.

With our trademark enthusiasm, we empower young people with the realisation that they have far more control over their well-being & achievements than they once thought!

Workshop Details:

NEUROPLASTICITY 101: The Incredible Potential of Your Brain & How to Control It  (1 period)


BE YOU: Be Your Unique Individual Self, Self-Acceptance, Self-Esteem, Self-Belief, Confidence, Character Strengths, Power of Thoughts, Ignoring Peer Pressure, Personal Values (1 period)

5 SIMPLE STEPS TO BEAT BULLYING WITH BRAIN-SCIENCE: Resilience, Empathy, Character Strengths, Tools for Emotional Regulation, Power of Thoughts, Compassion & Kindness (1 period)

STRESS LESS TO EXPERIENCE SUCCESS: Growth Mindset, Choosing a Challenge, Never Giving Up, Dealing with Mistakes, Resilience, Emotional Regulation, Power of Thoughts (1 period)

FOOD TO BOOST YOUR MOOD: Evidence-Based Nutrition for your Brain & your Body (1 period)

RUN & RE-CHARGE: The Life-Changing Benefits of Enough Movement & Sleep & How to Achieve Them (1 period)

CALM, COOL & COLLECTED: The Power of Music, Meditation & Mindfulness for Students (1 period)

THE POWER OF POSITIVITY: How Gratitude, Compassion & Kindness can Change Your Life (1 period)

Time: 2 Periods (45 - 60 minutes per period)
Numbers: We recommend 50-70 maximum per workshop

Cost: $10 per student with a minimum of $250 per workshop
Travel costs may apply
Options: We also offer one-on-one, small group or home-school bookings

"They were great role models with inspiring stories and taught us many things about our brains."

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Year 7/8 Student

“I thought the workshop was a cool way to learn things. Today I’ve brought away lots of things that I am going to try at home. Thanks, you have made me change!

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Year 9 Student

"They were very enthusiastic and had lots of positive energy, also very intelligent."

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Year 7/8 Student

This workshop aligns with, and is based on, recommendations from the following:

Our Well-being Workshops align with

This engaging, motivational and educational workshop removes the complexity & mystery surrounding that part of our body that is crucial to our very existence, our well-being & our learning - and yet so unknown to most, our brain.

We teach students to effectively & easily utilise this knowledge to make everyday choices, to improve their well-being and learn as best as they possibly can - all based on cutting-edge brain-science & psychology.

We help young people by providing evidence-based tools & techniques needed to realise & reach their incredible true potential.

Year 7 Student Feedback from Great Southern Grammar, Albany WA, July 2020:

"It was great to learn about my brain! I think it will help me overcome barriers in my learning. I really enjoyed how all of the stories you told us were true. It inspired me to share about myself."

"I enjoyed today’s workshop. I like best the true stories because they put knowledge to happening and showed me that people can get through this and so can I."

"I enjoyed the true stories. I was amused by all the facts about the brain. I enjoyed the energy and enthusiasm. I found it interesting all the ways your brain works."

"I really liked it! All of the stories were awesome! I would recommend them!"

"My favourite bit was being able to get up and do activities. It was very cool to learn about the brain and learning that you can change your brain."

"It was really interesting. We enjoyed having you talk to us today. PS. It was good to get out of the class and learn."

"I really enjoyed the energy and enthusiasm. It was very interesting and good learning some new things. The small game with the barrel at the end was fun and clever."

"I enjoyed everything about today’s lesson, but especially hearing all the true stories."

"I learnt a lot today, one thing being that I can change my brain and how it works for the better. Thanks!!"