​Building your BEST self with Brain-Science & Psychology

You won't see another motivational-Educational presentation like this one!

It’s no secret that Yr 10–12 students can experience the most stressful times of their life in their final years of school. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

As former DUX of Albany Senior High School, achieving an ATAR of 97.70 in 2005, Tammy-Anne understands the
pressure and stress felt by many students in these final years. As someone who worked 16 hour days doing multiple jobs whilst studying, Todd also understands what it means to be stressed and busy as a young person.

The research couldn’t be clearer; when we feel stressed, our brain physically changes and we cannot achieve to our true potential; when students know and use the information we teach in this workshop, their learning and well-being increases.

​"Tammy-Anne Caldwell recently presented to all of our Year 10 – 12 students in WA & SA... Tammy-Anne incorporated her extensive knowledge of Neuroscience, but imparted this knowledge in a student-friendly manner, by taking a common-sense approach and a passion for student well-being. The impact on students was obvious throughout the presentation and I have received very positive reports from our students that the session helped them immensely in the lead up to our mid-year examinations."


Regional Principal - OneSchool Global WA & SA 

"No feedback needed, it was perfect."

"They were very enthusiastic and had
lots of positive energy."


​Secondary Students

"Tammy-Anne's presentation was of great assistance to me and increased my study productivity majorly... it really helped to relieve stress for me... it really works!"

Year 10 Student

The Australian Student Well-Being Framework Checklist asks schools to:
"Build capacity through Professional Learning to enhance social, emotional
 and learning outcomes of all students and to promote staff well-being."

This is what we do!

We use cutting-edge, Educational Neuro-Science, Psychology, Real-Life Experiences and the Power of Storytelling, combined with engaging visuals and interactive activities, to give students in Year 10-12 the evidence-based
TOP CHOICES that they can start making every day, to build their best self, stress less & achieve success! 

Students in Year 10 - 12 can be anxious, bullied, tired, shy, angry, bored, scared, worried, traumatised, distracted or disengaged – and in these states of stress, their brains physically cannot learn effectively. 

We provide easy, enjoyable, brain-based, practical choices & strategies that your students can use every day to lower stress, boost self-direction & enhance their overall well-being and learning success, during their final years of school - and beyond.

Workshop Details:

This workshop provides Yr 10 - 12 students with the Top Evidence-Based & Brain-Based Choices to use everyday to improve student well-being and learning at the same time; by lowering their stress and anxiety, while also increasing their productivity, memory, study skills, resilience, self-acceptance, achievement, focus & effort - allowing them to reach their
incredible TRUE potential during their final years of school - and beyond.

Time: 2 Periods
Numbers: We recommend 50-70 max

Cost: $10 per student with a minimum of $250 per workshop
Travel costs may apply
Options: We also offer one-on-one, small group or home-school bookings

We also offer a 1 period version of this workshop focusing on either:
Work Stress - Anxiety over exams & school work, plus brain-based study skills
​Social Stress - Anxiety over bullying, lack of confidence, resilience & self-acceptance
($7 per student with a minimum of $175)

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In just 2 hours, students are empowered with the knowledge they need to make good choices everyday, to 'stress less for success'; 
right now in their final years of school, and in their future life and career. 

Tammy-Anne and Todd share the top evidence-based 'Choices' that helped them achieve success despite the stress!!  

Not only can students implement these choices right away; this workshop has the potential to change their whole outlook and approach to their everyday life - in their final years of school & beyond.

With their youthful, vibrant enthusiasm, they will show your students that nothing is impossible and that we are in control of our own lives, happiness, health & success, regardless of our circumstances. 

This engaging, interactive workshop is all based on the latest cutting-edge Educational Neuro-Science & Psychology to ensure that students take away actionable, evidence-based strategies, to help them STRESS-LESS and build their BEST SELF.

"Excellent presentation tailored to our specific needs! Tammy-Anne is an enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable educator in her field and exudes passion as she delivers her content. The feedback from staff and parents was excellent but most importantly, the students took great learning from the session and many commented on using the strategies given to alleviate their exam stress! We will definitely have Tammy-Anne back to deliver more content in the future!”

​JULIE Murray

National​ Head of Learning Support, OneSchool Global WA.


​"Before I could not focus and afterwards the work seemed a lot easier... I would definitely recommend this to others."

student jumping silhouette

​Year 10 Student


​"I found that your presentation helped us understand that mid-year exams aren't the most important things in the world and that Practice Makes Perfect... particularly the pictures of the pathways... this helps the younger students understand what is happening inside our brain."

student jumping silhouette

Year 11 Student


"They were great role models with inspiring stories and taught us many things about our brains."

"Tammy and Todd were amazing and so inspiring, their stories were so interesting. 

student jumping silhouette

Secondary Students

​"​It was an immense help and definitely assisted in the lead up to exams on the home front. I have heard it all via the students and it made me as a parent stress less knowing such high quality care was being given at school to the well-being of my child. Thank you Tammy-Anne"


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“Tammy-Anne is a highly engaging and thought-provoking speaker......Her ability to engage her audience comes from a passion to make a difference through education to improve the lives of young people. Tammy-Anne speaks from her heart and captivates her audience with her enthusiastic style of delivery, and knowledge of the topic. It is evident in her presentations that it is one of her goals in life to learn about the human mind and how best to empower children with their own learning and their future.”


​Principal's Executive Assistant, OneSchool Global WA.

Study Success & Stress Management

"This is exactly the kind of workshop I wish was available to me when I was in high school - which is why we decided this was an absolute MUST to create
for all teenagers to benefit from!" 


​'The Mindful Man'

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