"We want students to achieve their true potential - but they don't have any idea 
what their INCREDIBLE TRUE POTENTIAL really is."
This workshop makes sure students realise what they are truly capable of - and how to achieve it!

Using the power of storytelling, Educational Neuro-Science & Psychology, we show students how they can start making the right choices, every day, to transform their own brain, boost their well-being & achieve academic success!

We provide achievable, practical strategies that high school students can use every day, in every lesson (and outside of class & at home), to decrease stress, increase well-being & enhance learning success.

“It was very interesting, and I learned lots. It has changed the way I think about myself. Thank you.”

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​Year 8 Student

"Tammy and Todd were amazing and so inspiring, their stories were so interesting and they are very intelligent." 

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Year 7/8 Student

“Very, very interesting and would love to have you visit again.”

"No feedback needed, it was perfect."

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Year 7 Students

The Australian Student Well-Being Framework Checklist asks schools to:

"Actively engage students in ways to enhance their own learning & well-being, 
through the school's use of evidence-informed, strengths-based approaches."

This is what we do!

Students are taken through an age-appropriate list of  Ten Top Tips, to transform their own brain, to improve their well-being, learning & academic achievement - in a fun, relatable, understandable fashion.

Our workshop is based on cutting-edge brain-science & psychology, research & evidence, plus real-life stories and experiences, combined with engaging photos & videos, and is designed to improve students' well-being, resilience, academic achievements, confidence, self-direction, motivation, self-regulation, self-belief, growth-mindset, effort & more. 

We are enthusiastic presenters, with a lot of energy, who relate well to teenagers and take a common-sense, entertaining, honest approach with our delivery for the whole 2 hours.

Students are involved in age-appropriate ‘brain-breaks’ to get them up, moving & actively involved in the workshop. 

Our unique focus is on taking cutting-edge brain-science & psychology understandings and sharing them with young people - not just teachers - empowering STUDENTS to take control of their OWN well-being & learning
– and ultimately to take ownership over their own success & happiness.

With our trademark enthusiasm, we empower young people with the realisation that they have far more control over their well-being & achievements than they once thought!

Workshop Details:

This workshop covers ALL these topics:

Neuroplasticity & the Potential of the Brain

The Brain-Science for Learning & Well-Being 101

Emotions & The Power of our Thoughts

Resilience & Persistence

Strategies for Emotional Regulation

Music, Movement & Mindfulness

Gratitude & Compassion

What a Growth Mind-Set Really Means

Dealing with Mistakes & Challenges

Seeking Social Support

Self-Acceptance, Self-Belief & Confidence

Time: 2 Hours
Numbers: We recommend 50-70 maximum per workshop

Cost: $10 per student with a minimum of $250 per workshop
Travel costs may apply
Options: We also offer one-on-one, small group or home-school bookings

"They were great role models with inspiring stories and taught us many things about our brains."

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Year 7/8 Student

“I thought the workshop was a cool way to learn things. Today I’ve brought away lots of things that I am going to try at home. Thanks, you have made me change!

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Year 9 Student

"They were very enthusiastic and had lots of positive energy, also very intelligent."

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Year 7/8 Student

This workshop aligns with, and is based on, recommendations from the following:

Our Well-being Workshops align with

This engaging, motivational and educational workshop removes the complexity & mystery surrounding that part of our body that is crucial to our very existence, our well-being & our learning - and yet so unknown to most, our brain.

We teach students to effectively & easily utilise this knowledge to make everyday choices, to improve their well-being and learn as best as they possibly can - all based on cutting-edge brain-science & psychology.

We help young people by providing evidence-based tools & techniques needed to realise & reach their incredible true potential.

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