They can be anxious, bullied, tired, shy, angry, bored, scared, worried, traumatised, distracted or disengaged
– and in these states of 'stress', their brains physically cannot learn effectively. 

But, there is a solution!

We provide easy, enjoyable, practical strategies that you and your high school students can use every day, in every lesson (and outside of class & at home), to lower student stress, boost self-direction, increase well-being & enhance their learning success. 

The Australian Student Well-Being Framework Checklist asks schools to:

"Actively engage students in ways to enhance their own learning & well-being, 
through the school's use of evidence-informed, strengths-based approaches."

This is what we do!


“It was very interesting, and I learned lots. It has changed the way I think about myself. Thank you.”

student jumping silhouette

​Year 8 Student


“I thought the workshop was a cool way to learn things. Today I’ve brought away lots of things that I am going to try at home. Thanks, you have made me change!

student jumping silhouette

Year 9 Student


“Very, very interesting and would love to have you visit again.”

student jumping silhouette

​Year 7 Student

This workshop is ideally suited for Years 7-10.

Students are taken through an age-appropriate list of  Ten Top Tips, to transform their own brain, to improve their well-being, learning & academic achievement - in a fun, relatable, understandable fashion.

"We want students to achieve their true potential - but they don't have any idea 
what their INCREDIBLE TRUE POTENTIAL really is."
This workshop makes sure students realise what they are truly capable of - and how to achieve it!

Our workshop is based on cutting-edge brain-science & psychology, research & evidence, plus real-life stories and experiences, combined with engaging photos & videos, and is designed to improve students' well-being, resilience, achievements, confidence, motivation, ability to self regulate emotions, self-belief, growth-mindset, effort & more. 

Tammy-Anne and Todd are enthusiastic presenters, with a lot of energy, who relate well to teenagers and take a common-sense, entertaining, honest approach to their delivery for the whole 2 hours.

Students are involved in age-appropriate ‘brain-breaks’ to get them up, moving & actively involved in the workshop. 

Our unique focus is on taking cutting-edge brain-science & psychology understandings and sharing them with young people - not just teachers - empowering STUDENTS to take control of their OWN well-being & learning
– and ultimately to take ownership over their own success & happiness.

"When students realise how their own brain works, learns & grows - what their potential really is - this can be a game-changer for them."

Workshop Details:

This workshop covers ALL these topics:
*Bullying, Compassion & Resilience 
*Confidence, Self-Esteem & Self-Acceptance
*Growth Mind-Set, Never Giving Up & Choosing a Challenge
*Managing Anxiety, Anger & Stress + Self-Regulation
*Self-Direction, Memory & Brain-Based Study Skills
Plus, nutrition, movement, interaction, environment & sleep

Time: 2 Periods
Numbers: We recommend 50-70 maximum per workshop

Cost: $10 per student with a minimum of $250 per workshop
Travel costs may apply
Options: We also offer one-on-one, small group or home-school bookings

*We also offer 1 period versions where we cover two of the above combinations of topics
 ($7 per student, with a minimum of $175 per workshop)

Our workshops meet ACARA's Personal & Social Capability outcomes.  Plus, since the entire workshop is based on Educational Neuro-Science, all our workshops are perfectly aligned with a STEM approach to education.

Imagine if your students were on the same page as you.
Imagine how much more on-board, cooperative, well-behaved & engaged they would be if they understood exactly how each task you gave them was changing their brain, helping them learn new information & become more intelligent. 
Imagine if they had a range of short, simple strategies they could use, to self-regulate & manage their emotions, and help their brain pay attention & remember things easier in your classes. 
Imagine if your students knew how lack of sleep and lack of exercise was making them less intelligent. 
Imagine if, instead of giving up, they knew exactly how persevering with challenging work & thinking certain things when they made mistakes, was helping their brain grow smarter & healthier. 
Imagine having students who took ownership over their learning; who felt empowered to take control of their own improvements & achievements – and who became more self-directed and motivated to succeed. 
The good news? 
This is ALL possible – with Educational Neuro-Science!
We KNOW this, because it has been Tammy-Anne's experience as a classroom teacher for the past 8 years.

Our motivational workshop removes the complexity & mystery surrounding that part of our body that is so crucial to our existence, our well-being & our learning - and yet so unknown to all but a few neuro-scientists & psychologists; to empower students to effectively & easily utilise this knowledge to make everyday choices, to improve their well-being and learn as best as they possibly can, in an enjoyable manner- all based on brain-science & psychology.

We help young people to understand the brain-science & psychology behind how their minds and brains work, so they realise that their success & well-being is actually their choice, and that we have the power to change our own lives 
- from a young age.

Our goal is to help young people reach their full potential by explaining how an understanding of our brain and our thoughts really influences our WHOLE life; from a well-being & learning perspective. 

By  helping teenagers understand how their own mind-brain works – and the incredible true potential they have - regardless of what class they are in, what teacher they have, or where they find themselves in life right now -  we empower them with the realisation that they have far more control over their well-being & achievements than they once thought!

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