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the daily dozen for well-being, teaching & learning
using our ‘Holistic Approach to Educational Neuro-Science’ 

"Fabulous! ​Definitely the best Teacher Professional Development
I've attended in YEARS! 
Love your knowledge, passion and your energetic style of delivery!" 


​School of the Air - Alice Springs, NT

​We share the Neuro-Science & Psychology of Staff ​& Student Well-Being and it's direct impact on Teaching & Learning.

We provide cutting-edge,  evidence-based, holistic, brain-based strategies & pedagogical practices (to use at home & at school) to improve Teaching, Learning & Well-being, for EVERY TEACHER & STUDENT, in EVERY YEAR LEVEL, SUBJECT & LESSON
using an approach, recommended by the OECD’s Centre for Educational Research & Innovation and The Australian Student Well-Being Framework.

"I have been teaching for 40 years and I think this is one of the best presentations I have ever attended."


Mt Barker Community College, WA

The Australian Student Well-Being Framework Checklist asks schools to:
"Build capacity through Professional Learning to enhance social, emotional
 and learning outcomes of all students and to promote staff well-being."

This is what we do!

Teacher Professional Development for well-being & learning

"The BRAIN is involved in all LEARNING that we do – so if we’re in the business of LEARNING
doesn’t it make sense that we know how the BRAIN LEARNS best?"


​"​I would highly ​recommend her training to anyone involved in education.​"


Marie Arntzen
Teacher of 38 years, WA


​“Such an affirming, reassuring workshop that gives me hope for the future of education.”


​Brooke Healy
Early Childhood Teacher, WA


"​What a fabulous jam packed presentation!....
You are inspirational


Barb Jeremic
Deputy Principal
Mount Lockyer PS

This is NOT a program. This is NOT a weekly lesson. It involves NO extra work; it’s the OPPOSITE!

 This is a world-leading, research-based, holistic approach to brain-based pedagogical practices and student empowerment that boosts well-being, teaching & learning success in every subject, every lesson & every year level.

Teaching, Learning & Well-Being with a 'Holistic Approach to Educational Neuro-Science' Made Simple

​​It’s no secret that teaching can be a stressful job, with limited time, student behaviour difficulties, a crowded curriculum,
excessive paperwork, and the pressure to provide engaging lessons & improve student outcomes. 

When our brains are in a state of stress, we literally cannot teach as effectively as possible.

Similarly, students in our classrooms can be anxious, bullied, tired, shy, angry, bored, scared, worried, traumatised, distracted or disengaged – and in these states of ‘stress’, their brains physically cannot LEARN effectively.

It turns out that the effects of stress on both staff & student brains are the same; and many of the solutions improve both staff & student well-being equally – often simultaneously! What’s even better, is that when we as teachers use these solutions to improve staff & student well-being, we drastically improve our ability to teach effectively - and the ability of our students’ brains to learn successfully. Plus, when this happens, students are more engaged in their learning and have less behaviour issues - leading to far less stress for teachers.

Better Staff & Student Well-being = Better Teaching & Learning.

We provide a large number of practical, research-based, tried & tested strategies that teachers can use every day to ‘stress-less’ both at school & at home. We then go one step further and explain exactly how teachers can use a suite of easy, enjoyable, cutting-edge pedagogical practices in every lesson & every subject, to improve lesson planning efficiency, student behaviour, well-being, engagement & learning success, to reduce some of the leading causes of teacher & student stress - all based on cutting-edge brain-science & psychology.

The research is clear; a young person's education is enhanced by teachers having a clear understanding of brain-science - and using this understanding in their daily teaching practice. This Teacher Professional Development provides teachers with a very clear understanding of brain-science for well-being & learning – plus how to make practical use of it – in every lesson, every day.

With a combined 13 years of teaching experience, professional learning & qualifications, including Tammy-Anne's 8 years of using this exact approach in primary and secondary classrooms, we know it works to make teaching & learning more effective, easier and enjoyable, while boosting staff & student well-being.


“Teaching the holistic approach to learning. Teaching the parents and educating the teachers. 
Question: Why has this not been done before now??”


​Kaipara Campus, New Zealand


Totally inspiring, easy achievable ideas to take away. Thank you.”


​Kaipara Campus
​New Zealand


Lots of inspiring messages to re-energise my passion for teaching and learning. This generation is so fortunate to be part of the Mind-Brain revolution.”


​New Zealand

It doesn't matter whether you've been teaching for 20 years
or are about to take your first class; this workshop is for you.

Workshop Details:
In this workshop teachers will learn practical, actionable & achievable strategies:

Daily Dozen for Well-being & Teaching

Time: 5 Hour or 2.5-3 Hour versions available (or run as 2 x 75-90 minute sessions)
We can also provide shorter options if your school has a single area you would like to focus on - please contact for more info
Numbers: Unlimited Teachers
2.5 Hour Workshop Costs: Up to 10 Teachers = $780, 11-20 Teachers = $980, 21+ Teachers = $1,180
5 Hour Workshop Costs: Up to 10 Teachers = $980, 11-20 Teachers = $1,180, 21+ Teachers = $1,380
Travel costs may apply
Options: One-on-one, small group and home-school bookings also available

  • How to MANAGE YOUR OWN TEACHER STRESS & improve your own holistic health & well-being - in & out of school
  • Exactly how to raise teacher & student WELL-BEING & LEARNING outcomes SIMULTANEOUSLY, with an understanding of the inherent LINK BETWEEN LEARNING & WELL-BEING from an Educational Neuro-Science & Psychology perspective
  • Exactly what to do and say, to make teaching and learning more ENJOYABLE, EASIER, ENGAGING and EFFECTIVE as possible, while boosting staff & student well-being at the same time
  • How to make teaching LESS STRESSFUL by having BETTER STUDENT BEHAVIOUR and less behaviour problems
  • Exactly how to MOTIVATE, EXCITE & ENGAGE students in the learning process & enjoy your own time in the classroom
  • How to simplify the curriculum & PLAN LESSONS EASIER 
  • How to: improve student VOICE & CHOICE; make your teaching MEMORABLE & MEANINGFUL; increase CURIOSITY & CREATIVITY; boost FOCUS & ATTENTION; & BEAT BOREDOM - and why ALL these are ESSENTIAL for effective teaching, learning & well-being.
  • How to HELP STUDENTS: manage their emotions and anxiety, improve resilience & holistic well-being, build confidence, increase self-regulation, develop a growth mindset, boost self-belief, deal with bullying, take ownership of learning, increase compassion, improve self-direction, and boost learning outcomes & academic achievement.
  • Teacher Professional Development

    How does our Teacher Professional Development workshop meet the 
    AITSL Australian Professional Standards for Teachers? ...we're glad you asked!

    AITSL states: As a teacher, it’s your role to grow and develop the minds in your classroom.”
    There’s simply no better way to do this than to understand how a student’s mind and brain works, learns and grows best!

    Our minds and our brains are used every second of every day, even more so when learning, so as AITSL says, "to help prepare young people to lead successful and productive lives” it’s imperative that we as teachers understand in detail how our students’ minds and brains work best - and empower them with this knowledge too.

    Our Teacher PD Workshop perfectly aligns with all 7 AITSL standards

    Standard 1: “Know students and how they learn.”
    Quite literally, this is exactly what our workshop achieves. Our brain is used in all learning that we do, so how can we possibly ‘know students and how they learn’  if we don’t know how their minds and brains work and learn best?

    Standard 2: “Know the content and how to teach it.”
    Regardless of the content being taught, we explain how to teach it in the most enjoyable, effective and easiest way possible - all based on how our students’ brains learn best.

    Standard 3: “Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning.”
    We explore this standard in detail as it is specifically about how to plan and implement the most effective teaching and learning, based on the latest in Educational Neuro-Science & Psychology - all backed by evidence and research. ​

    Standard 4: “Create and maintain supportive and safe learning environments.”
    We help teachers empower students to cope with bullying, making mistakes, building self-confidence and resilience, how to self-regulate & manage their emotions plus more, to create a supportive, safe learning environment.

    Standard 5: “Assess, provide feedback and report on student learning.”
    We discuss the most engaging and worthwhile types of assessments, their implementation and the benefits of behaviour-specific feedback.

    Standard 6: “Engage in professional learning.”
    This one is obvious.

    Standard 7: “Engage professionally with colleagues, parents/carers and the community.”
    This is an interactive workshop where teachers will share ideas and solutions with each other, and will discuss their new understandings during the PD. We also discuss the importance of the whole school community being on the same page, and the benefits of communicating many of the points discussed with parents, and how to go about this.

    We provide an opportunity for all your teachers to learn cutting-edge, research-based pedagogical practices to make teaching & learning as effective, easy & enjoyable as scientifically possible, as recommended by world-leading Neuro-Scientists & Educators, plus the OECD.

    Teachers will learn EXACTLY how to help students’ brains be happy, healthy and learn as best as they can - while decreasing some of the causes of teacher stress, such as student behaviour issues & student disengagement.

    Your staff will have a complete understanding of how & why to teach most effectively, in an engaging, enjoyable manner - and they will be at the forefront of the future in education.

    I’m a teacher - not a brain-scientist. Why do I need to know how my students’ brains work?

    Our students’ BRAINS are inherently involved in the LEARNING experiences we provide for them and yet most of us simply don’t know how their BRAINS LEARN BEST – let alone what we might be unknowingly doing that physically stops their brain from having the capability to be engaged, enjoy lessons or learn effectively.

    Would you like to know how to make simple, purposeful changes in your lesson structure & classroom tasks, to ENGAGE students & help them learn as EFFECTIVELY as possible – whilst also learning the brain-science & psychology for managing your own stress, and increasing your efficiency as a teacher?

    Welcome to the game-changing world of Educational Neuro-Science - where the power to know exactly how to ENGAGE students and make everyone's well-being, teaching & learning more EFFECTIVE, EASIER & ENJOYABLE, is indeed possible!

    ​We know this is possible, because this has been Tammy-Anne's​ teaching career for most of the last 8 years.

    Our Teacher Professional Development reignites a teacher’s passion and reminds them of why they chose to become a teacher in the first place; to help young people realise & reach their incredible true potential, so they can be happy, healthy, successful & satisfied - and teaches them exactly how they can achieve this - all based on brain-science!

    Teacher Professional Development Workshop


    "I found it fascinating, stimulating and extremely informative….Tammy-Anne's choice of pictures to represent concepts is amazing. Each picture matches the concept she is teaching. Her presentation was captivating and held my attention for the entire [time] .… I will be able to take this newly obtained knowledge and apply it directly to my teaching on day 1….Through her training Tammy-Anne demonstrated the reasons why applying different teaching strategies are more effective than others. I would highly recommend her training to anyone involved in education.

    ​Marie Arntzen - Teacher of 38 years

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