Our Vision... A world where everyone meets their true potential of being happy, healthy, successful & satisfied.

with international educational presenters
'The Mind-Brain Lady' & 'The Mindful Man'

The Mind-Brain Lady & The Mindful Man
Would your students benefit from improving the following?
  • Engagement
  • Resilience
  • Confidence/Self-esteem
  • Not giving up/Growth Mindset
  • Focus & Attention
  • Memory
  • Academic Achievement
  • Health & Well-Being
  • Managing their Emotions
  • Self-Regulation
  • Coping Mechanisms
  • Behaviour Issues
  • Bullying
  • Stress, Anxiety or Trauma
  • Enjoyment of Learning
  • Critical & Creative Thinking
  • Active Participation
  • Social & Cooperative Learning
  • Kindness & Compassion
  • Gratitude & Empathy
  • Self-Direction

Our workshops for staff, students & parents achieve all of this!

We not only help you understand these issues and their impact on education in a deep, comprehensive way, we also give you a myriad of practical tools and strategies that actually work and will continue to work long after we're gone. All our workshops are based on the latest Brain-Science & Psychology, plus Tammy-Anne's 8 years of teaching experience, implementing these very strategies in her own classrooms.

Incorporating brain-science into the classroom doesn't mean forgetting everything you know as a teacher or parent. It's simply about understanding the 'HOW' and the 'WHY' behind the most effective ways to teach and learn, and then purposely using this knowledge and the practical tools & strategies in every lesson to improve well-being and academic achievement, simultaneously.

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Our Lady of the Sacred Heart PD

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Teacher Professional Development for well-being & learning

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"I highly recommend Tammy-Anne and Todd's presentation for both staff and students.
Tammy-Anne has summarised complex concepts from neuroscience into a format that all can understand and enjoy. Our students were highly engaged in the sessions, and their learnings from
'The Mind-Brain Lady' & 'The Mindful Man' will set them up for life-long learning."

Kerrie Russell

Principal, Alice Springs School of the Air

Take your school to the next level with this cutting-edge, school-wide initiative.
Our educational training is designed to boost the well-being & academic success of every single student, to improve pedagogical practices & staff well-being, and to engage parents as effective partners in their children's learning journey.
And, it’s all based on the latest in educational neuroscience & psychology.

Tammy-Anne Teaching Excellence Award

We teach the brain-science behind staff & student well-being, and its direct impact on teaching & learning. 

We show students year 1-12, teachers and parents how to link cutting-edge brain-science & psychology with education - in real, practical ways, to make teaching & learning enjoyable, engaging, easier and as effective as possible.

As presented twice for the SSTUWA (State School Teachers' Union of Western Australia)

"Tammy-Anne & Todd give every inch of energy, enthusiasm and thought into sharing some very important key-messages for anyone in the teaching profession. Our students will be better off!"

Kevlynn Annandale

Education & Training Coordinator, SSTUWA

Staff and Student Well-Being


"We want students to achieve their true potential - but they don't have any idea
what their incredible true potential really is."

These workshops make sure students realise what they are truly capable of -
and how to achieve it!

This IS the future of schooling; the Mind-Brain Education Revolution has begun!


We believe all teachers, students & parents deserve this training - especially those considered 'disadvantaged'.
We aim to help young people realise & reach their incredible true potential, regardless of their circumstances.

Question: Why has this not been done before now??”Teacher, New Zealand, 2019

Our training provides schools with simple, practical tools, techniques, pedagogical practices & knowledge to improve staff & student well-being AND teaching & learning simultaneously.

Excellent presentation tailored to our specific needs! Tammy-Anne is an enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable educator in her field and exudes passion as she delivers her content…. We will definitely have Tammy-Anne back to deliver more content in the future!

Julie Murray

Director of Primary & Learning Support, OneSchool Global

Our workshops are perfectly aligned with:

Our Well-being Workshops align with
Professor Michael Bernard

Michael E. Bernard, Ph.D

Professor, Melbourne Graduate School of Education
Emeritus Professor, California State University Long Beach
Psychologist, & Founder of 'You Can Do It! Education'

"Tammy-Anne is an exceptional teacher and workshop presenter for sure! She is very smart, creative and enthusiastic. She has great ability to communicate complex mind-brain concepts at a level that can be absorbed by anyone. And she is an excellent listener making her a pleasure to work with. I have been present at her professional development workshops and programs - she gets an A+ from me and from everyone who attends. You can trust that she will deliver very professional, dynamic presentations for teachers, students and parents. I commend her to you, 100%!"

Coorow Principal Testimonial Video
Cervantes Primary Workshops Video
Kondinin Principal Testimonial Video
School of the Air workshops video

"The BRAIN is central to all LEARNING that we do –
so if we’re in the business of LEARNING –
doesn’t it make sense that we know how the BRAIN learns best?"

We use a UNIQUE evidence-based approach...





whole-school community

Whole-School Community

educational neuro-science

Educational Neuro-Science

  • We do not separate Teaching & Learning from Well-Being; rather we explain how they are interconnected and provide practical, proven research-based pedagogical strategies to boost staff & student well-being, teaching & learning simultaneously.
  • This is NOT a program. This is NOT a weekly lesson. This is TRAINING in a world-leading, research-based, holistic APPROACH to brain-based pedagogical practices and student empowerment that boosts well-being AND teaching & learning success in every subject, every lesson and every year level - every day, for every school community.
  • Our training and workshops are for Teachers, Students Yr 1 – 12 & Parents, because when the Whole-School Community is on the same page – that’s when the biggest benefits are experienced.
  • We help students and teachers realise & reach their incredible TRUE potential, using our unique, evidence-based 'Holistic Approach to Educational Neuroscience'; an approach at the forefront of the future in education, supported by recommendations from the OECD’s Centre for Educational Research & Innovation (CERI) & The Australian Student Well-Being Framework.
  • We remove the complexity & mystery surrounding OUR MIND & BRAIN; the part of our body which is so crucial & fundamental to our very existence (and of course, to well-being, teaching & learning) - empowering everyone with the knowledge of what’s going on inside their own brains, minds and bodies when they learn, think, feel, move and act - and the strategies & benefits of improving well-being. 
  • With a combined 13 years of teaching experience, including Tammy-Anne's 8 years of using this exact approach in primary and secondary classrooms, we certainly know it works to make teaching & learning more effective, easier and enjoyable while boosting staff & student well-being.

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Sir John Jones

"I have been teaching for 40 years and I think this is one of the best presentations I have ever attended."


Mt Barker Community College, WA

"Tammy and Todd were highly professional... The sessions were highly engaging and presented in a way that encouraged all the students to be actively involved.
The information presented complimented our focus on encouraging students to have a 

growth mindset approach to their learning.
A fantastic program that taught the students about the power of their brain."

Natalie Dennis

Principal - Cervantes Primary School, WA

"Fabulous! I learned so much.
Definitely the best Professional Development I've attended in YEARS! 
Love your knowledge, passion and your energetic style of delivery! Well done! 
PS. Come back to Alice. We'll spread the word!!"


School of the Air - Alice Springs, NT

"Tammy-Anne and Todd are dynamic, authentic, positive and engaging educators. They know the content, believe it and truly live it! Their presentation was sharp, creative, informative and fun. Our kids learnt so much and were engaged throughout. Thank you!"

Angela Gorman

Music & Liturgy Teacher and Parent, WA

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart PD

"A fabulous workshop where I feel the parents learned as much as the kids!  The workshop was well presented, interactive and loads of fun keeping everyone engaged and learning.  
The kids have talked about it to friends and family and use the terminology regularly so it definitely sunk in.  Would highly recommend!

Jasmina Purvis

WA Home School Group Coordinator

Well-being and learning for the whole-school

“Tammy-Anne incorporated her extensive knowledge of Neuroscience, but imparted this knowledge in a student-friendly manner, by taking a common-sense approach and a passion for student well-being. The impact on students was obvious throughout the presentation and I have received very positive reports from our students that the session helped them immensely…”  

Paul Maher

OneSchool Global WA & SA Regional Principal

“What a fabulous, jam-packed presentation!... You are inspirational.”

Barb Jeremic

Deputy Principal, Mount Lockyer PS

"I wish I could put in words how good Tammy-Anne is! ... This is ground breaking and the future!"

Britt Dunn

Home School Parent

Karridale PS Little Brains

"Fantastic with the kids, interactive and so much information. My son is still talking about them and singing the song!"

teacher sitting silhouette

Renee Parent

"Tammy-Anne's presentation was of great assistance to me and increased my study productivity majorly... it really helped to relieve stress for me... it really works!"

student jumping silhouette

Year 10 Student

"I found out a lot of interesting facts and will remember them forever. One of my favourite things about that day was learning that you can grow your brain and make it stronger."

student jumping silhouette

Year 5 Student

It was very interesting, and I learned lots. It has changed the way I think about myself. Thank you” 

student jumping silhouette

Year 8 Student

Now YOU can be a part of the Mind-Brain Revolution!

"So impressed with the way it was presented for both children and the adults. So much brain growth going on in that room. I’ve been telling all my teacher friends about it and how awesome and engaging it was."


Home School Parent

"This was such a fantastic workshop. My daughter and I both learned some invaluable strategies to help in growing our brains.... the content was retained and has been simple to implement in our daily life. Thank you so much."


Home School Parent

"I found it fascinating, stimulating and extremely informative….Her presentation was captivating and held my attention for the entire 3 hours.… I will be able to take this newly obtained knowledge and apply it directly to my teaching on day 1…. I would highly recommend her training to anyone involved in education.

Marie Arntzen

Teacher of 38 Years

We improve staff & student well-being and learning with our workshops
all across Australia & NZ!

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